Propagandhi Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Propagandhi Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Human(e) Meat
2 Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass You Son
3 Last Will And Testament
4 Potemkin City Limits
5 I Want You To Want Me
6 Night Letters
7 Apparently, I’m a “P.C. Fascist” (Because I Care About Both Human and Non-Human Animals)
8 Government Cartoons (live)
9 Supporting Caste
10 Bringer of Greater Things
11 Showdown (G.E./P.)
12 March of the Crabs
13 Failed States
14 Ego Fum Papa (I Am the Pope)
15 Anti-Manifesto (live)
16 A Public Dis-Service Announcement From Shell
17 Less Talk, More Rock (live)
18 Die Jugend Marschiert
19 Head? Chest? Foot?
20 Mutual Friend
21 Devil's Creek
22 New Homes for Idle Hands
23 Degrassi Junior High Drop-Outs
24 Ordinary People Do Fucked-Up Things When Fucked-Up Things Become Ordinary
25 Gamble (live)
26 Incalculable Effects
27 Rock for Sustainable Capitalism
28 Hallie Sallasse, Up Your Ass
29 Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch
30 Rattan Cane
31 Bullshit Politicians
32 Ladies’ Nite in Loserville
33 Fedallah's Hearse
34 Ska Sucks (live)
35 Come To The Sabbat
36 Impending Halfhead
37 Who Will Help Me Make This Bread?
38 Utter Crap Song
39 Hadron Collision
40 Iteration
41 Homophobes Are Just Pissed Cause They Can't Get Laid
42 A People's History of the World
43 Haillie Sallase, Up Your Ass
44 Bent
45 No Title
46 Life At Disconnect
47 Apparently, I'm a "P.C. Facist" (Because I Care About Both Human and Non-Human Animals)
48 Hallie Does Hebron
49 Status Update
50 Haillie Sellasse, Up Your Ass
51 Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
52 Haillie Does Hebron
53 Hidden Curriculum
54 I Want U 2 Want Me
55 Superbowl Patriot XXXVI
56 The Banger's Embrace
57 Albright Monument, Baghdad
58 Cognitive Suicide
59 Name and Address With-Held
60 I Was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist
61 Homophobes Are Just Mad Cuz They Can’t Get Laid
62 Fuck the Border
63 I Am a Rifle
64 Who Will Help Me Bake This Bread? (live)
65 Apparently, I'm a P.C. Fascist
66 Nailing Descartes to the Wall
67 Things I Like
68 Gamble
69 Fedallah’s Hearse
70 Homophobes Are Just Mad Cuz They Can't Get Laid
71 Homophobes Are
72 War Is Peace, Slavery Is Freedom, May All Your Interventions Be Humanitarian
73 Dear Coach's Corner (Album)
74 What Price Will You Pay?
75 …And We Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea
76 Middle Finger Response
77 Unscripted Moment
78 Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Son of a Bitch
79 Leg-Hold Trap
80 Oka Everywhere
81 Tertium Non Datur
82 Back to the Motor League
83 Human[e] Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz)
84 Ska Sucks
85 …And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
86 Last Will & Testament / Come to the Sabbat
87 Dark Matters
88 Nailing Descartes to the Wall / (Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder
89 Homophobes Are Just Pissed Cause They Can’t Get Laid
90 I Want Ü 2 Vant Me
91 This Is Your Life
92 Nation States
93 Last Will & Testament (Contains Untitled Hidden Track)
94 Head? Chest? Or Foot?
95 Apparently, I’m a “P.C. Fascist”
96 Fine Day
97 Lotus Gait
98 Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette
99 Anti-Manifesto
100 Firestorm, My Ass
101 Letter of Resignation
102 Last Will & Testament
103 Who Will Help Me Bake This Bread?
104 ...and We Thought That Nation States Were a Bad Idea
105 Stand Up and Be Counted
106 The Fucking Rich Fuck The Poor
107 Fuck Machine
108 A People’s History of the World
109 Refusing to Be a Man (different studio version)
110 The Funeral Procession
111 Pigs Will Pay
112 Night Matters
113 True
114 ...And We Thought Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
115 Nailing Descartes to the Wall/(Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder
116 Failed States - Experimental Prototype
117 This Might Be Satire
118 The State-Lottery
119 Resisting Tyrannical Government (different studio version)
120 Without Love
121 Name and Address Withheld
122 Funeral Procession
123 Natural Disasters
124 Devil’s Creek
125 Anchorless
126 Homophobes Are Just Mad Cuz They Don’t Get Laid
127 I Want U 2 Vant Me
128 Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes
129 Laplante Song (live)
130 A Speculative Fiction
131 Apparently I'm a "P.C. Facist"
132 Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An
133 Duplicate Keys Icaro (An Interim Report)
134 Gifts
135 Todd’s Incredibly Professional Station ID for 4ZZZ Brisbane
136 The Days You Hate Yourself (Bonus Track)
137 Dear Coach's Corner
138 White, Proud and Stupid
139 Banger's Embrace
140 Fixed Frequencies
141 With Friends Like These Who the Fuck Needs COINTELPRO?
142 Less Talk, More Rock
143 The Days You Hate Yourself
144 The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist
145 Contest-Song
146 Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch
147 The Banger’s Embrace
148 Pigs Will Pay (live)
149 Cut Into the Earth
150 Stick the Flag Up Your Ass
151 Rio de San Atlanta, Manitoba
152 Note to Self
153 Refusing to Be a Man
154 Leg-Hold Trap (live)
155 Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass
156 Dear Coach’s Corner

Propagandhi Bio

Propagandhi is a Canadian punk rock band formed in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in 1986 by guitarist Chris Hannah and drummer Jord Samolesky. The band is currently located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and completed by bassist Todd Kowalski and guitarist Sulynn Hago.

While their earlier work was aligned with the punk rock and skate punk tradition, in later years Propagandhi records have moved towards a heavier and more technical heavy metal-influenced sound. Both in their lyrics and hands-on activism, the band's members champion various radical left wing and anarchist causes and veganism, and have taken a vocal stance against human rights violations, sexism, racism, nationalism, homophobia, imperialism, capitalism and organized religion.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propagandhi