Procol Harum Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Procol Harum Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)
2 Conquistador
3 She Wandered Through The Garden Fence
4 Broken Barricades
5 Song for a Dreamer
6 Poor Mohammed
7 As Strong as Samson
8 Monsieur R. Monde
9 Whiter Shade Of Pale
10 A Salty Dog
11 Shine On Brightly
12 Wish Me Well
13 Homburg
14 Nothing I Didnt Know
15 A Christmas Camel
16 Kaleidoscope
17 Wizard Man
18 Robert's Box
19 The Idol
20 Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)
21 Look to Your Soul
22 Memorial Drive
23 Toujours L'amour
24 Man with a mission
25 The Thin End of the Wedge
26 Quite Rightly So
27 A Whiter Shade Of Pale
28 Luskus Delph
29 Barnyard Story
30 A dream in ev'ry home
31 About to Die
32 Ramblin' On
33 Nothing that I Didn't Know
34 Power Failure
35 Still There'll Be More
36 One more time
37 Something Magic
38 A Souvenir of London
39 A Rum Tale
40 Boredom
41 Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
42 Playmate Of The Mouth
43 The King of Hearts
44 An Old English Dream [Live]
45 Into The Flood
46 The truth won't fade away
47 Drunk Again
48 Devil Came From Kansas
49 Something Following Me
50 Sympathy For The Hard Of Hearing
51 The Mark of The Claw
52 Pilgrims Progress
53 The VIP Room [Live]
54 Mabel
55 Grand Hotel
56 Skating on Thin Ice
57 Without A Doubt
58 Into The Flood [Live]
59 Juicy John Pink
60 Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of)
61 Whiskey Train
62 Magdalene
63 Taking The Time
64 Piggy Pig Pig
65 In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence
66 So Far Behind
67 T.V. Ceasar
68 Pandoras Box
69 Lime Street Blues
70 Pandora's Box
71 Bringing Home The Bacon
72 Butterfly Boys
73 Salad Days (Are Here Again)
74 Long Gone Geek
75 Beyond The Pale
76 Dead Man's Dream
77 Fresh Fruit
78 The Final Thrust
79 Good Captain Clack
80 Too Much Between Us
81 Perpetual motion
82 The pursuit of happiness
83 Rambling On
84 Your Own Choice
85 All Our Dreams Are Sold
86 Holding on
87 New Lamps for Old
88 Wreck Of The Hesperus
89 'Twas Tea-time At The Circus
90 Simple Sister
91 Whaling Stories
92 Eight Days A Week
93 Nothing But the Truth
94 In Held Twas In I
95 In the Autumn of My Madness

Procol Harum Bio

Procol Harum are an English rock band formed in 1967. They contributed to the development of progressive rock, and by extension, symphonic rock. Their best-known recording is their 1967 hit single "A Whiter Shade of Pale", which is considered a classic of popular music and is one of the few singles to have sold over 10 million copies. Although noted for its baroque and classical influence, Procol Harum's music also embraces the blues, R&B and soul.

In October 2012, the band was nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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