Portland Cello Project Lyrics

Portland Cello Project Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Livin' On the Side of the Why? (feat. Hurtbird)
2 Turkish Wine
3 We All Wear Cloaks
4 Denmark
5 Hands In Pockets (feat. Laura Gibson)
6 Travel (Feat. Justin Power)
7 Mutilation Rag
8 Halo
9 Toxic (feat. John Brophy)
10 Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard
11 The Wolf Is On the Hill
12 Broken Crowns
13 Under Glass (feat. Musee Mecanique)
14 I’m Down
15 Title of This Song
16 Take 5
17 Stay (feat. Anna Fritz)
18 Saint Dude
19 The Last Polka
20 Taking a Fall
21 Nelson (feat. Loch Lomond)
22 Do We We Do.
23 Last Night You Were a Dream
24 1516
25 The Lamb
26 Eyes That Say I Love You
27 Brandenburg Gate (feat. Skip vonKuske)
28 The Dream: Transformation, Death and Birth
29 Beat (Health, Life and Fire) (Feat. Thao)
30 Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings
31 Blue Rondo a la Turk (feat. Skip vonKuske)
32 The Dream: Midday Light, She Travels Effortlessly
33 Cut the Rope (Feat. Justin Power)
34 Please Leave a Light On When You Go
35 Sarabande, from BWV 1012
36 The Dream: Into the Twilight
37 Mouth for War
38 Rough On Rats
39 Paper Tiger (feat. Laura Gibson)
40 Hard (Feat. Adam Matta)
41 Tallymarks (Feat. Thao)
42 Old Shanghai
43 Why Did You Make Me Care (feat. Jolie Holland)
44 Elegie
45 Power (feat. Nick Jaina)
46 Por una Cabeza
47 Sorry
48 Prelude, from BWV 1007 (feat. Diane Chaplin)
49 Robin Hood Changes His Oil
50 Violet (Feat. Thao)
51 Why Did You Make Me Care
52 The Wolf is on the Hill (feat. Jolie Holland)
53 Gold (feat. Weinland)
54 Hungry Liars (Feat. Justin Power)
55 Heaven’s Ladder
56 Unsquare Dance (feat. Skip vonKuske)
57 Divertissements for Performing Bears (feat. 3 Leg Torso)
58 Geography (Feat. Thao)
59 America, Here’s My Boy
60 Leaves May Fall
61 For Misty (feat. Heather Broderick)
62 Seeds May Fall (Feat. Justin Power)
63 Just Noise
64 Danza del Fuego