Popa Chubby Lyrics

Genre: Blues

Popa Chubby Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I'M Feelin' Lucky
2 Brown Sugar
3 The Right Time
4 Universal Breakdown Blues
5 Save Your Own Life
6 Wild Horses
7 Grown Man Crying Blues
8 Rock And Roll Is My Religion
9 The Peoples Blues
10 I'M a Pitbull (Nothing But Love)
11 Another 10 Years Gone
12 Hallelujah
13 Greedy For Gold
14 Rock Me Baby
15 Way It Is
16 Caffeine And Nicotine
17 Hey Joe
18 Nyc 1977 Til...
19 69 Dollars
20 Somewhere over the Rainbow
21 Working Class Blues
22 People’s Blues
23 How'd A White Boy Get The Blues
24 Holes
25 I Need a Lil' Mojo
26 Stoop Down Baby
27 Noise Making Love Machine
28 If The Diesel Don't Get You Then The Jet Fuel Will
29 Sleephorse Serenace
30 Danger Man
31 Angel On My Shoulder
32 Sympathy For The Devil
33 Life Is A Beatdown
34 It's Over
35 Take Me Back to Amsterdam (Reefer Smokin' Man)
36 I Don’t Want Nobody
37 Like The Buddha Do
38 Wicked Wanda
39 The Finger Bangin' Boogie
40 Sweat
41 Slide Devil Man Slide
42 Ace Of Spades
43 Mindbender
44 Signed With Heartache
45 Somebody Let The Devil Out
46 Palace Of The King
47 Come to Me
48 Blues Bearing Down
49 Sweet Goddess Of Love & Beer
50 Deliveries After Dark
51 One Leg At A Time
52 Chubbfatha Medley
53 Keep On The Sunnyside Of Life
54 Another Ten Years Gone
55 Three Little Words
56 Rock On Blues Man
57 Same Old Blues
58 Back In My Baby's Arms
59 Rollin' N' Tumblin'
60 Take Me Back To Amsterdam
61 The Fight Is On
62 Daddy Played The Guitar And Mama Was A Disco Queen
63 Too Much Information
64 I Was Looking Back
65 We Got Some Rocking To Do
66 I Don't Want Nobody
67 Rock On Bluesman
68 Love In Vain
69 Locked In A Memory
70 I Ain't Giving Up

Popa Chubby Bio

Ted Horowitz (born March 31, 1960, The Bronx, New York City, United States), who plays under the stage name of Popa Chubby (a play on the slang idiom "pop a chubby", meaning to get an erection), is an American electric blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

Born the son of a candy store owner, at age thirteen Horowitz began playing drums; shortly thereafter, he began listening to the music of the Rolling Stones and started playing guitar. Although he grew up in the 1970s, Horowitz was influenced by artists of the 1960s, including Jimi Hendrix and Cream, among others. In his early twenties, although he mainly played blues music, he also worked as backing for punk rock poet Richard Hell. Horowitz first came to public attention after winning a national blues talent search sponsored by KLON, a public radio station in Long Beach, California. He won the New Artist of the Year award and as a result was chosen as the opening act at the Long Beach Blues Festival in 1992.