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Polluted Inheritance was a Dutch technical death metal band formed in 1989 from the remnants of Sacrement (Van Wijck and De Fouw) and Pollution (Camonier and Wesdorp). They were quickly joined by singer Jean-Paul Hoorman. A 1991 demo, Afterlife, led to a deal with West Virginia Records. Nevertheless, Hoorman leaves the band and Camonier sings from then on. The album Ecocide was recorded and released in 1993. Unfortunately the label went bankrupt and Polluted Inheritance was left without a record company.

They recorded another demo, simply titled Demo 94, to draw the attention of record labels, and became 'Demo of the Month,' courtesy of Dutch metal magazine Aardschok. DSFA signed the band and they recorded their second album, Betrayed, which is released in 1996.

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