Poison Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Poison Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Body Talk
2 Life Loves a Tragedy
3 WW Sex
4 Every Rose Has Its Thorn
5 No More Lookin' Back (Poison Jazz)
6 Party Rock Band
7 Shooting Star
8 Only Time Will Tell
9 Lay Your Body Down
10 A Letter From Death Row
11 One More For The Bone/I Want More
12 Fallen Angel
13 Look But You Can't Touch
14 Home ( C.C.'s Story)
15 Native Tongue
16 The Last Breath
17 Something to Believe In (Acoustic Version)
18 Come Hell Or High Water
19 Talk Dirty to Me
20 Ride the Wind
21 Angst Mary
22 Human Zoo
23 Little Willy
24 Unskinny Bop
25 Love On The Rocks
26 Sounds Of Sex
27 Nothin But A Good Time
28 I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine
29 Tragically Unhip
30 Tearin' Down the Walls
31 Terain' Down The Walls
32 I Want Action
33 Stand
34 Your Mana Don't Dance
35 (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice
36 Strike Up The Band
37 Let It Play
38 Doin As I See On My TV
39 Life Goes On
40 So Tell Me Why
41 Back to the Rocking Horse
42 The Last Song
43 Sweet Cherry Pie
44 Something to Believe In
45 Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Live MTV Unplugged)
46 Ain't That The Truth
47 Drum Solo
48 Good Love
49 Stand (Acoustic)
50 Stupid, Stoned & Dumb
51 Rock And Roll All Nite
52 Blame It on You
53 Wasteland
54 Richie's Acoustic Thang
55 I Want More
56 The Devil Inside
57 Sexyback
58 Ball And Chain
59 Squeeze Box
60 Cry Tough
61 Devil Woman
62 Ride Child Ride
63 Letter from Death Row
64 I Never Cry
65 (Flesh and Blood) Sacrifice
66 Livin' In The Now
67 Times Like These
68 Don't Give Up An Inch
69 Just What I Needed
70 I Won't Forget You
71 Set You Free (Outtake from Crack a Smile)
72 Stay Alive
73 Intro
74 Power To The People
75 Baby Gets Around
76 Untitled
77 Suffragette City
78 Let Me Go to the Show
79 Until You Suffer Some
80 Rockstar
81 Cover Of The Rolling Stone
82 Swampjuice
83 What I Like About You
84 Look What the Cat Dragged In
85 Doin' As I Seen On My TV
86 Theatre of the Soul
87 Say It
88 Sacrifice
89 Best Thing You Ever Had
90 Play Dirty
91 One More For The Bone
92 The Scream
93 Stay With Me
94 Let Me Be The One
95 Talk Dirty to Me (Live on MTV Unplugged)
96 Face The Hangman
97 Set You Free
98 Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice)
99 Souls On Fire
100 69
101 Strange
102 Mr. Smiley
103 Talk Dirty To Me (Live MTV Unplugged)
104 Poor Boy Blues
105 Be the One
106 Want Some, Need Some
107 Face The Hangman (Outtake From Open Up And Say Ahh!)
108 Your Mama Don't Dance
109 You Mama Don't Dance
110 No Ring, No Gets
111 Talk Dirty To Me [Live]
112 Baby Gets Around a Bit
113 Long Train Running
114 Bad to Be Good
115 Bastard Son of a Thousand Blues
116 So Tell Me Why (Studio Version)
117 Hollyweird
118 7 Days Over You
119 Little Willie
120 Can't Bring Me Down
121 Set You Free/Mind Tripper
122 Nothing But A Good Time
123 Strange Days Of Uncle Jack
124 Only Time Will Tell (Studio Version)
125 Steel Bar Blues/Violent Endings
126 I'd Die For You
127 Your Mama Don't Dance (Live MTV Unplugged)
128 Sexual Thing
129 Get 'Ya Some
130 Swampjuice (Soul-O)
131 Whip Comes Down
132 Blind Faith
133 Emperors's New Clothes
134 Shut Up And Make Love
135 Dead Flowers
136 Emperor's New Clothes
137 Guitar Solo
138 Unskinny Bop (Live on MTV Unplugged)
139 That's The Way I Like It
140 Don't Mess Around With Jim
141 Valley Of Lost Souls
142 Wishful Thinkin'
143 Bring It Home
144 Home ( Bret's Story)
145 The Best Thing You Ever had
146 I Need To Know
147 #1 Bad Boy
148 No. 1 Bad Boy
149 Steel Bar Blues

Poison Bio

Poison is an American glam metal band that achieved great commercial success in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Poison has sold over 45 million records worldwide and have sold 15 million records in the United States alone. The band has also charted ten singles to the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, including six Top 10 singles and the Hot 100 number-one, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". The band became icons of the 1980s MTV era and have had widespread commercial success. The band's breakthrough debut album, the multi-platinum Look What the Cat Dragged In, was released in 1986 and they hit their peak with the second album, Open Up and Say... Ahh!, which became the band's most successful album, being certified 5x platinum in the US. The popularity continued into the new decade with their third consecutive multi-platinum selling album, Flesh & Blood.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poison_(American_band)