Pigeon John Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Pigeon John Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Weight Of The World
2 Call Of The Dung Beetle
3 Welcome To The Show
4 Hey You
5 That’s What I Like
6 Dude, Its On
7 Life Goes On (J-Boogie Remix)
8 So Gangster
9 Stick Up
10 Dude, It's On
11 Highschool Reunion
12 To Do List Pigeon
13 The Tops
14 Scene 2: "I Was Just Looking at Her Jeans"
15 Nothing Without You
16 Excuse Me
17 (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)
18 The Grand Ol' Waltz
19 Growin' Old
20 Life Goes On
21 Ben Vereen
22 Gravity
23 She Cooks Me Oatmeal!
24 Emily
25 Sleeping Giants
26 Champagne on My Shoes
27 She’s Loud
28 Sealed Fate
29 Matter 101
30 All the Roads (DJ Atom from C2c Remix)
31 Shake It
32 She Cooks Me Oatmeal
33 Do The Pigeon
34 Upside Down Rotten
35 Enjoy the Trees
36 Take Off
37 What Are We Gonna Do
38 Higher?!
39 High School Reunion
40 They Heard (Sunshine) [feat. Ld & Ariano]
41 All Eyes On Me
42 Dave the Dope Fiend
43 Freaks! Freaks!
44 Draw Me Closer
45 Ready to Go
46 Life Goes On (feat. Abstract Rude)
47 I Believe It
48 Brand New Day
49 Perfect Formality
50 Go Shopping (feat. Gr. Jsn Beats)
51 The Bomb - single
52 Boomerang
53 As We Know It
54 The Bomb
55 It’s on Tonight (feat. Sareem Poems)
56 The Bomb (Instrumental Version)
57 All the Roads
58 One For The
59 Buttersoft Seats
60 Just to Be with You (feat. Flynn Adam)
61 The Bomb (instrumental)
62 Oh Yeah
63 The Last Sunshine
64 Rock Bottom Again
65 Good Sinner
66 Nothing Without You (instrumental)
67 Originalz
68 Money Back Guarantee
69 Before We’re Gone
70 Knock Out
71 Nothing Without You (a cappella)
72 Lost My Job Again
73 Davey Rockit
74 Rebel Rebel
75 Originalz (instrumental)

Pigeon John Bio

Pigeon John is an American hip hop rapper raised in Hawthorne, California and based in Los Angeles, California.

Pigeon John is a Los Angeles area rapper who has recorded four studio albums as a solo artist, as well as several others as a member of the groups like L.A. Symphony and Brainwash Projects. Pigeon John has been featured as a collaborator on numerous other recordings with various artists. He is currently signed to Quannum Projects and has performed on several U.S. tours including Cali Comm Tour and has been featured in publications including Entertainment Weekly, VIBE, SPIN Magazine and LA Weekly. In 2006, Pigeon John was featured in an interview on National Public Radio.

In 2007, Pigeon John made his way to The Breakdown, an internet show on ItsHipHop.Tv where he conducted part of the interview on the toilet.