Phyllis Hyman Lyrics

Genre: Jazz

Phyllis Hyman Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Found Love (album version)
2 Be Careful
3 Just Twenty Five Miles to Anywhere
4 Living Inside Your Love - Digitally Remastered 1996
5 Don't Wanna Change the World
6 You Know How to Love Me (Long Version)
7 Somewhere in My Lifetime (Remastered)
8 Was Yesterday Such a Long Time Ago
9 Living In Confusion
10 Forever with You
11 The Love Too Good to Last
12 Just Another Face in the Crowd
13 In A Sentimental Mood - Digitally Remastered 1996
14 I'm Truly Yours
15 Ain't You Had Enough Love
16 Old Friend (Remastered)
17 No One Can Love You More
18 Meet Me On The Moon
19 Funny How Love Goes
20 Betcha by Golly Wow (feat. Phyllis Hyman)
21 Can't We Fall in Love Again
22 Why Did You Turn Me On - Digitally Remastered 1996
23 You Sure Look Good to Me
24 Ain’t You Had Enough Love
25 Gonna Make Changes (Remastered)
26 Loving You, Losing You
27 What Ever Happened To Our Love
28 Come Right or Not at All
29 Can’t We Fall in Love Again
30 Riding the Tiger
31 Just Me And You - Digitally Remastered 1996
32 Don't Tell Me, Tell Her
33 If You Ever Change Your Mind
34 Be Careful (Remastered)
35 Living All Alone
36 Tonight You and Me (disco version)
37 The Strength of a Woman
38 I Ain’t Asking
39 One Thing on My Mind
40 Falling Star - Digitally Remastered 1996
41 I Ain't Asking
42 Tonight You and Me (Remastered)
43 I Ain't Asking (Remastered)
44 First Time Together
45 Why Did You Turn Me On
46 Hurry up This Way Again
47 Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her
48 Deliver the Love
49 Under Your Spell (Digitally Remastered 1996)
50 Let Somebody Love You
51 In Between the Heartaches
52 No One Can Love You More (Remastered)
53 If You Want Me
54 Just Me and You
55 How Long
56 I Don’t Want to Lose You
57 Beautiful Man of Mine
58 Don't Tell Me, Tell Her (Digitally Remastered 1996)
59 Falling Star
60 You Sure Look Good to Me (Remastered)
61 Living All Alone (Remastered)
62 Slow Dancin'
63 In a Sentimental Mood
64 Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
65 When I Give My Love
66 Children of the World
67 When I Give My Love (This Time) [Remastered]
68 When You Get Right Down To It
69 Under Your Spell (Remastered)
70 The Answer Is You (Remastered)
71 Old Friend
72 What You Want Do for Love
73 The Kids
74 I’m Truly Yours
75 Living Inside Your Love
76 Never Say Never Again
77 I'm Calling You
78 You Know How to Love Me (Edit)
79 Let Somebody Love You (Remastered)
80 You Just Don't Know
81 Waiting For the Last Tear To Fall
82 This Too Shall Pass
83 Set a Little Trap
84 I’m Calling You
85 Soon Come Again
86 You Know How to Love Me (extended version)
87 Someone to Love
88 Betcha by Golly Wow
89 Tonight You and Me (Disco Version - Remastered)
90 Screaming at the Moon
91 Back To Paradise
92 No One but You
93 We Both Need Each Other
94 Be Careful (How You Treat My Love)
95 When I Give My Love (This Time) [Remastered 1996]
96 Don’t Wanna Change The World
97 Be One
98 Living in Confusion (Remastered)
99 What You Won't Do for Love
100 It's Not About You (It's About Me)
101 Souvenirs
102 In a Sentimental Mood (Remastered 1996)
103 Obsession (feat. Lonnie Liston)
104 Gonna Make Changes (Remastered 1996)
105 Tonight You And Me
106 You Know How to Love Me
107 I Found Love
108 It Takes Two
109 Somewhere in My Lifetime
110 You Know How to Love Me - Remastered
111 The Night Bird Gets the Love
112 Let Somebody Love You (Remastered 1996)
113 Your Move, My Heart
114 Under Your Spell
115 Prime Of My Life
116 Why Not Me
117 So Strange
118 Kiss You All Over
119 Loving You, Losing You - Digitally Remastered 1996
120 I Refuse To Be Lonely
121 Groove With You
122 Hold On
123 The Answer Is You
124 When I Give My Love (This Time)
125 Give Me One Good Reason To Stay
126 Lookin' For A Lovin'
127 But I Love You
128 Tonight You And Me - Digitally Remastered
129 Sleep on It
130 Can't We Fall In Love Again (With Michael Henderson)
131 Some Way
132 I Don't Want to Lose You
133 I Can't Take It Anymore
134 I Found Love (radio edit)
135 Loving You, Losing You (Remastered)
136 Complete Me
137 You Sure Look Good To Me - Digitally Remastered
138 Here's That Rainy Day
139 Don't Tell Me, Tell Her (Remastered)
140 I Don't Want to Lose You (Remastered)
141 Gonna Make Changes
142 Walk Away

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