Pharao Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Pharao Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Silence Is Golden
2 Temple of Love (Love Spirit mix version)
3 Temple of Love (Love Spirit mix)
4 Gold in the Pyramid
5 Beautiful Flower of the Bad
6 Back Home Again
7 World of Magic (dance remix)
8 I Show You Secrets (Unplugged radio version)
9 We Got the Key
10 Dreams On Golden Wings
11 World of Magic (magic version)
12 I Show You Secrets (Sandstorm remix)
13 It's Your Way
14 I Can't Wait
15 World of Magic (radio/video mix)
16 I Show You Secrets (remix video version)
17 Rave Like an Egyptian
18 It's A Wonder
19 World of Magic (Magic radio/video mix)
20 I Show You Secrets (Sandstorm single version)
21 Christmasland
22 Love Is A Miracle
23 World of Magic (Land of Unity mix)
24 World of Magic
25 Pick Me Up
26 World of Magic (Wizard mix)
27 Temple of Love (Video/Radio Version)
28 Rainmaker
29 World of Magic (Witchcraft Rave mix)
30 Temple of Love (A Long Night in the Temple)
31 Once Upon A Time
32 I Show You Secrets (Unplugged version)
33 Temple of Love (Templedancers Tribal Mix)
34 I Show You Secrets (radio version)
35 Temple of Love (House of Dreams Mix)
36 The Temple Of Love
37 I Show You Secrets (Mystery of Music mix)
38 Temple of Love (Wonderland Mix)
39 Wish I Could Fly
40 There Is a Star
41 Temple of Love (Ultimate Spirit Mix)
42 You Are My Man
43 I Show You Secrets (new mystery of music mix)
44 World of Magic (Unreleased 3001 V. Chr. mix)
45 I Show You Secrets (Inside Your Mind trance mix)
46 I Show You Secrets
47 King Pharao
48 I Show You Secrets (Temple Dancers' trance Trip)
49 Temple of Love
50 Dance of the Snake
51 World of Magic (dance radio version)
52 I Show You Secrets (video version)
53 Eternity

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