Petra Lyrics

Genre: Christian

Petra Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Battle Belongs To The Lord
2 Computer Brains
3 Hallowed Be Thy Name
4 I Will Call Upon the Lord
5 Sight Unseen
6 Yo Celebrare/El Espiritu De Dios
7 Ancient of Days
8 I Will Celebrate / When the Spirit of the Lord
9 I Waited For The Lord On High
10 Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
11 Road to Zion
12 I Love You Lord
13 No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper
14 Salvation Belongs To Our God
15 Medley: Only By Grace, To Him Who Sits On The Thro
16 Friends (All In The Family Of God)
17 Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a Man
18 Ancient Days
19 He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
20 We Want to See Jesus Lifted High
21 Falling Up
22 Dance
23 Enter In
24 Let Our Voices Rise Like Incense
25 Judas' Kiss
26 We Exalt Thee
27 Seen and Not Heard
28 The Coloring Song
29 I Love the Lord
30 It Is Finished
31 King Of Kings
32 For All You're Worth
33 Open Book
34 Lovely Lord
35 Take Me In
36 I Need To Hear From You
37 Sleeping Giant
38 The Invitation
39 All The King's Horses
40 Just Reach Out
41 Two Are Better Than One
42 Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
43 Adonai
44 Who's On The Lord's Side
45 Prayer
46 Thankful Heart
47 Underground
48 Why Should the Father Bother
49 A Matter of Time
50 Defector
51 Marks of the Cross
52 God Gave Rock and Roll to You
53 Be of Good Cheer
54 This Means War!
55 Hollow Eyes
56 Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One
57 You Are My Rock
58 The Noise We Make
59 Speak to the Sky
60 Destiny
61 Voice In The Wind
62 Hand On My Heart
63 Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name
64 More Than a Thousand Words
65 Beyond Belief
66 The King of Glory Shall Come In
67 I Am Available
68 Oasis
69 Sincerely Yours
70 More Power to Ya
71 There Is A Longing
72 The Holiest Name
73 I Waited For The Lord On High (LP Version)
74 Walkin' in the Light
75 Secret Weapon
76 Last Daze
77 I'm Not Ashamed
78 Think On These Things
79 All Over Me
80 Not of This World
81 Back To The Rock
82 We Need Jesus
83 Chameleon
84 Dead Reckoning
85 Parting Thought
86 Love
87 Fool's Gold
88 Disciple
89 Let Everything That Hath Breath
90 Bema Seat
91 He's Been In My Shoes
92 Father of Lights
93 Radio Daze
94 Te Alabo
95 We Hold Our Hearts Out To You
96 Godpleaser
97 Let Everything
98 Back to the Street
99 Beat The System
100 I Waited For The Lord
101 Stand Up
102 All Fired Up
103 Too Big
104 Praying Man
105 Clean
106 Woman Don't You Know
107 Without You I Would Surely Die
108 What's in a Name
109 Set for Life
110 Counsel of the Holy
111 Test Of Time
112 St. Augustine's Pears
113 Ask Him In
114 Kenaniah
115 Holy Ghost Power
116 Breathe In
117 Satisfy
118 Beat The System (New Version)
119 Without Him We Can Do Nothing
120 The Water Is Alive
121 Storm Comin'
122 Sally
123 First Love
124 Song of Moses
125 Deep Love
126 I Will Sing Praise
127 Another Crossroad
128 Magic Mirror
129 Jesus Friend of Sinners
130 Hello Again
131 Meet With Me
132 Hit You Where You Live
133 Onward Christian Soldiers
134 Midnight Oil
135 I Can Be Friends With You
136 Think Twice
137 Better Is One Day
138 If I Had To Die For Someone
139 Whole World
140 Homeless Few
141 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
142 You Are I Am
143 Good News
144 Mary's Song
145 He Came, He Saw, He Conqured
146 Believer In Deed
147 Mine Field
148 Killing My Old Man
149 Run for Cover
150 Blinded Eyes
151 Strong Convictions
152 Second Wind
153 Amo Al SeÃa±or
154 The Longing
155 Praise Ye the Lord
156 Yahweh Love
157 Witch Hunt
158 Pied Piper
159 Not by Sight
160 Heart of a Hero
161 Medley
162 Send Revival, Start With Me
163 I'm Thankful
164 Where Can I Go
165 Hey World
166 Armed and Dangerous
167 Backslidin' Blues
168 Taste and See
169 Altar Ego
170 Run for the Prize
171 Stand In the Gap
172 Never Say Die
173 Come and Join Us
174 For Annie
175 This Means War
176 Stand
177 No Doubt
178 Underneath the Blood
179 Grave Robber
180 Shakin' the House
181 Show Your Power
182 Lift Him Up
183 Amazing Grace
184 In The Likeness Of You
185 Creed
186 The Prodigal's Song
187 Gonna Fly Away
188 Right Place
189 Angel of Light
190 Song Of Moses, Rev. 15:3-4
191 Mountains And Valleys
192 Occupy
193 Ready, Willing And Able
194 I Am On the Rock

Petra Bio

Petra is a music group regarded as a pioneer of the Christian rock and contemporary Christian music genres. Formed in 1972, the band took its name from the Greek word for "rock." Though formally disbanding in 2005, incarnations of Petra have played reunion shows in the years since and released an album in November 2010.

With a style initially similar to The Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Petra's sound evolved into a more energetic, driving rock sound in the early 1980s akin to Foreigner, Styx and Journey. Throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s, Petra was undoubtedly the world's most popular Christian rock band, with each of its albums during that period selling hundreds of thousands of copies while the band sold out arenas and regularly placed songs at the top of Christian radio charts. With its lyrics, music and style, Petra influenced numerous other artists at a time when Christian rock experienced strong opposition from many conservative pastors and churches.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petra_%28band%29