Pernice Brothers Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Pernice Brothers Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Fucking And Flowers
2 Microscopic View
3 Amazing Glimmer
4 Bryte Side
5 Flaming Wreck - Live Version
6 Shaken Baby
7 The End Of Faith
8 How Can I Compare
9 Water Ban
10 Let That Show
11 Dimmest Star (Live)
12 Flaming Wreck
13 How To Live Alone
14 B.S. Johnson
15 Working Girls
16 The Ballad Of Bjorn Borg
17 Flaming Wreck (Live)
18 Our Time Has Passed
19 Amazing Glow
20 Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)
21 Pch One
22 Crestfallen
23 Sick Of You
24 All I Know (Live)
25 Endless Supply
26 Chicken Wire
27 Conscience Clean (I Went To Spain)
28 Monkey Suit
29 Shoes And Clothes
30 Cronulla Breakdown (Live)
31 Dumb It Down
32 Overcome By Happiness
33 High As A Kite
34 Sometimes I Remember
35 Wherein Obscurely
36 Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?
37 Clear Spot
38 7:30
39 Grudge F***
40 Wait To Stop
41 Ferris Wheel
42 Water Ban (Live)
43 Working Girls (Live)
44 There Goes The Sun
45 Lightheaded
46 Saddest Quo
47 Grudge F*ck
48 Water Ban - Live Version
49 Our Time Has Passed (Live)
50 Bechamel
51 Cruelty To Animals
52 Snow
53 Talk Of The Town
54 Working Girls - Live Version
55 Crestfallen (Live)
56 Jacquline Susann
57 Dimmest Star
58 Sell Your Hair
59 The Weakest Shade Of Blue
60 Our Time Has Passed - Live Version
61 Monkey Suit (Live)
62 We Love Goodbye
63 All I Know
64 My So-Called Celibate Life
65 One Foot In The Grave
66 Crestfallen - Live Version
67 She Heightened Everything (Live)
68 Not The Loving Kind
69 Cronulla Breakdown
70 Discover a Lovelier You (instrumental)
71 Baby In Two
72 Monkey Suit - Live Version
73 Sometimes I Remember (Live)
74 Something For You
75 Bright Side
76 Say Goodnight to the Lady
77 Blinded By The Stars
78 She Heightened Everything - Live Version
79 Clear Spot (Live)
80 Goodbye, Killer
81 Automaton
82 Subject Drop
83 Waiting For The Universe
84 Sometimes I Remember - Live Version
85 Wait to Stop (Live)
86 The Great Depression
87 Somerville
88 Pisshole in the Snow
89 Judy
90 Clear Spot - Live Version
91 Newport News
92 Zero Refills
93 Red Desert
94 Number Two
95 Wait to Stop - Live Version
96 She Heightened Everything

Pernice Brothers Bio

Indie rock band formed by Joe Pernice in 1996 after the breakup of his old band, the Scud Mountain Boys, and including Joe's brother Bob Pernice (hence the 'Pernice Brothers'), the band recorded their first album, Overcome by Happiness, for Sub Pop in 1998. After a 3-year hiatus (during which Joe Pernice recorded under his own name and as Chappaquiddick Skyline), Pernice Brothers returned in 2001 with The World Won't End; after parting with Sub Pop, the album was released on Pernice's own label, Ashmont Records, co-owned with his long-time manager Joyce Linehan, which in 2003 released Yours, Mine and Ours. After a 2004 tour, the band released their first live album in early 2005, Nobody's Watching/Nobody's Listening, and, in June of the same year, released their fourth studio album, Discover a Lovelier You. The band released Live a Little, their fifth studio album, in October 2006. Goodbye, Killer was released in June 2010. The band is currently at work on a new album, but no release date has been decided. The band's songs are characterized by lilting melodies and intelligent lyrics.