Pendragon Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Pendragon Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Masters Of Illusion
2 Fallen Dreams And Angels
3 The King Of The Castle
4 Dune
5 Queen Of Hearts
6 The Freak Show
7 Back In The Spotlight
8 Prayer
9 Shane
10 The Voyager
11 Total Recall
12 Breaking The Spell
13 The Shadow
14 Alaska (Remastered)
15 Last Man On Earth
16 Your Black Heart
17 Circus (Remastered)
18 Nostradamus (Stargazing)
19 Passion
20 Empathy
21 Oh Divineo (Remastered)
22 The Walls Of Babylon
23 Feeding Frenzy
24 The Wishing Well 2. Sou' by Sou' West
25 The Black Knight (Remastered)
26 Eraserhead*
27 It's Just A Matter Of Not Getting Caught
28 The Last Man On Earth (Live) [Bonus Track]
29 Fly High Fall Far (Remastered)
30 Sister Bluebird
31 Indigo
32 Skara Brae
33 For When the Zombies Come
34 Victims of Life (Remastered)
35 The Third World In The Uk
36 It's Only Me*
37 Comatose I - View From The Seashore
38 Explorers of the Infinite
39 Dance of the Seven Veils, Pt. 1 - Faithless
40 And We'll Go Hunting Deer
41 Comatose II - Space Cadet
42 Netherworld
43 Dance of the Seven Veils, Pt. 2 - All Over Now
44 It's Only Me
45 Comatose III - Home And Dry
46 Belle Ame
47 Not of This World, Pt. 3 - Green Eyed Angel
48 Credits
49 The Freak Show*
50 Beautiful Soul
51 Not of This World (Pt. 1 Not Of This World)
52 A Man Of Nomadic Traits
53 Ghosts
54 Come Home Jack
55 The Wishing Well
56 Not Of This World
57 In Bardo
58 Nostradamus
59 Comatose
60 Faces of Light
61 Learning Curve
62 If I Were The Wind
63 Faces of Darkness
64 Am I Really Losing You ?
65 Paintbox
66 Higher Circles (Remastered)
67 If I Were the Wind (And You Were the Rain)
68 The Pleasure of Hope (Remastered)
69 Ghost
70 Eraserhead
71 This Green and Pleasant Land
72 Leviathan (Remastered)

Pendragon Bio

Pendragon are an English neo-progressive rock band established in 1978 in Stroud, Gloucestershire as Zeus Pendragon by guitarist Nick Barrett. The Zeus was dropped before the band started recording as the members decided it was too long to look good on a t-shirt. There were a few personnel changes in the early days, but since 1986 the lineup has remained stable (apart from two changes on the drummer's stool) and the band is still active as of 2009.

The band were active in the progressive rock revival spearheaded by the likes of Marillion, Pallas, and Twelfth Night in the early 1980s, and indeed (like their peers IQ) often appeared as support acts to Marillion and other major neo-prog bands, both on tours and at the famous Marquee venue which hosted many regular prog evenings. After their debut album, The Jewel, the band pursued a more commercial direction, documented in the Kowtow album and the Red Shoes and Saved By You EPs, but despite these efforts failed to break through to a mainstream audience.

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