Pendragon Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Pendragon Bio

Pendragon are an English neo-progressive rock band established in 1978 in Stroud, Gloucestershire as Zeus Pendragon by guitarist Nick Barrett. The Zeus was dropped before the band started recording as the members decided it was too long to look good on a t-shirt. There were a few personnel changes in the early days, but since 1986 the lineup has remained stable (apart from two changes on the drummer's stool) and the band is still active as of 2009.

The band were active in the progressive rock revival spearheaded by the likes of Marillion, Pallas, and Twelfth Night in the early 1980s, and indeed (like their peers IQ) often appeared as support acts to Marillion and other major neo-prog bands, both on tours and at the famous Marquee venue which hosted many regular prog evenings. After their debut album, The Jewel, the band pursued a more commercial direction, documented in the Kowtow album and the Red Shoes and Saved By You EPs, but despite these efforts failed to break through to a mainstream audience.

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