Pedro The Lion Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Pedro The Lion Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Metal Heart
2 A Mind of Her Own (Remastered)
3 Lullaby
4 Progress
5 Of Up And Coming Monarchs
6 Let Down
7 Never Leave a Job Half Done (Remastered)
8 Hymn
9 Magazine
10 The Longer I Lay Here
11 When They Realy Get to Know You They Will Run
12 Eye On the Finish Line (Remastered)
13 Letter From a Concerned Follower (Remastered)
14 Criticism As Inspiration
15 Rehearsal
16 Suspect Fled The Scene
17 Criticism As Inspiration (Remastered)
18 Bad Things to Such Good People (Remastered)
19 I Am Always The One Who Calls
20 Foregone Conclusions
21 Second Best
22 Bad Diary Days
23 I Am Always the One Who Calls (Remastered)
24 Winners Never Quit (Remastered)
25 Invention
26 The Fleecing
27 Priests And Paramedics
28 The Longest Winter
29 Invention (Remastered)
30 Of Up and Coming Monarchs (Remastered)
31 Letter From A Concerned Follower
32 Discretion
33 Rejoice
34 Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives
35 Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives (Remastered)
36 The Longer I Lay Here (Remastered)
37 Progress (Remastered)
38 Arizona
39 Bands With Managers
40 Indian Summer (Remastered)
41 The Bells (Remastered)
42 Big Trucks (Remastered)
43 Magazine (Remastered)
44 Keep Swinging
45 The Well
46 Big Trucks
47 Secret of the Easy Yoke (Remastered)
48 Bad Diary Days (Remastered)
49 Be Thou My Vision (Remastered)
50 Transcontinental
51 Promise
52 The Bells
53 The Well (Remastered)
54 When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run
55 Penetration (Remastered)
56 I Do
57 Slow And Steady Wins The Race
58 Secret Of The Easy Yoke
59 Promise (Remastered)
60 Rapture (Remastered)
61 Rehearsal (Remastered)
62 A Simple Plan
63 Simple Economics
64 Fix
65 The Longest Winter (Remastered)
66 Diamond Ring (Remastered)
67 Second Best (Remastered)
68 Winners Never Quit
69 To Protect The Family Name
70 Whole
71 When They Really Get To Know You, They Will Run (Remastered)
72 Priests and Paramedics (Remastered)
73 Start Without Me
74 Options
75 A Mind Of Her Own
76 Be Thou My Vision
77 Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Remastered)
78 Options (Remastered)
79 The Poison
80 Rapture
81 Never Leave A Job Half Done
82 June 18, 1976
83 April 6, 2039
84 Simple Economics (Remastered)
85 Nothing
86 Penetration
87 Eye On The Finish Line
88 Political Science
89 To Protect the Family Name (Remastered)
90 Almost There
91 Indian Summer
92 Bad Things To Such Good People

Pedro The Lion Bio

Indie rock band from Seattle, Washington. Singer-songwriter David Bazan formed the band in 1995 and represented its main creative force, backed by a varying rotation of collaborating musicians. T. W. Walsh is considered to be the sole official band member besides Bazan. In 2006, Bazan and Walsh split amicably and Pedro the Lion was dissolved as Bazan went solo. Releasing four full-length albums and five EPs over 11 years, the band was known for its first person narrative lyrics with political and religious themes. Pedro The Lion was managed by Bob Andrews at Undertow Music Collective.