Paula Abdul Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Paula Abdul Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Straight Up
2 Cold Hearted
3 Forever Your Girl
4 Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams)
5 The Promise Of A New Day
6 Rock House
7 High School Crush
8 My Love Is for Real
9 Skat Strut
10 Bend Time Back Around
11 Rush, Rush
12 To You
13 Will You Marry Me?
14 Vibeology
15 Sexy Thoughts
16 Spellbound
17 Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up
18 I Need You
19 Cry For Me
20 Crazy Love
21 Coldhearted (Quivering 12")
22 Love Don’t Come Easy
23 Straight Up (Karaoke Version)
24 U
25 I'm Just Here For The Music
26 Knocked Out (Pettibone 12”)
27 Coldhearted (Quiverin' 12")
28 Opposites Attract
29 My Foolish Heart
30 Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up (Radio Edit)
31 It's All About Feeling Good
32 1990 Medley Mix
33 Videology
34 Alright Tonight
35 Goodnight, My Love (pleasant Dreams)
36 The Choice Is Yours - Edit
37 My Love Is for Real (R&B Remix)
38 Highschool Crush
39 Blowing Kisses In the Wind (Edit)
40 Opposites Attract (7" Edit)
41 The Way That You Love Me
42 If I Were Your Girl
43 (it's Just) The Way That You Love Me
44 Crazy Love - Single Version
45 Vibeology (7'' edit)
46 Will You Mary Me
47 Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Radio Disney Edit
48 Straight Up - Ultimate Mix
49 The Way That You Love Me (Single Version)
50 Knocked Out
51 The Choice Is Yours
52 Knocked Out (Single Version)
53 Rush, Rush (Dub Mix)
54 Bend Time Back 'Round (Single Version)
55 Ho-Down
56 Vibeology (Video Edit)
57 Forever Your Girl (single version)
58 My Love Is for Real (Radio Edit)
59 Crazy Cool
60 Under The Influence
61 Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
62 Didn't I Say I Love You
63 Cold Hearted (7"Edit)
64 I Never Knew It
65 One Or the Other (1990 Mix)
66 Love Don't Come Easy
67 Promise of a New Day
68 Crazy Love (Japan bonus track)
69 State of Attraction
70 Get Your Groove On
71 Straight Up (Ultimix Mix)
72 My Love Is for Real (radio mix)
73 Cold Hearted (12" version)
74 High School Crush (Japan bonus track)
75 Missing You
76 Opposites Attract (1990 Mix)
77 My Love Is For Real - Featuring Ofra Haza (R&B Remix)
78 Straight Up (extended version)
79 Blowing Kisses in the Wind
80 Next to You
81 Forever Your Girl (Frankie Foncett Mix)
82 Didn’t I Say I Love You
83 Dance Like There's No Tomorrow - Oakenfold Radio Edit
84 One or the Other
85 Bend Time Back 'Round
86 It’s All About Feeling Good
87 Dream Medley

Paula Abdul Bio

Paula Julie Abdul (born June 19, 1962) is an American pop singer, dancer, choreographer, actress and television personality.

In the 1980s, Abdul rose from being a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers to being a sought-after choreographer at the height of the music video era, then to being a Pop-R&B singer with a string of hits in the late-1980s and early-1990s. She has scored six number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, placing her in a tie for fifth among the female solo performers who have reached #1 there. She won a Grammy for "Best Music Video - Short Form" for "Opposites Attract" and twice won the "Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography."

After her initial period of success, she suffered a series of setbacks in her professional and personal life, until she found renewed fame and success in the 2000s as a judge on the television series, American Idol. Abdul has a mezzo-soprano vocal range.

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