Paul Anka Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Paul Anka Lyrics - by Popularity

1 My Home Town
2 (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
3 I Believe There Is Nothing Stronger Than Our Love
4 (You're) Having My Baby
5 Mr. Brightside
6 Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine
7 Times Of Your Life
8 (I'm Just A) Lonely Boy
9 I Love You in the Same Old Way
10 Lonely Boy
11 It's My Life
12 Hold Me Til The Morning Comes
13 Put Your Head on My Shoulder
14 Summer's Gone
15 It Doesn't Matter Anymore
16 "Tonight My Love, Tonight"
17 Did You Have A Happy Birthday?
18 You Are My Destiny
19 Goodnight My Love
20 Puppy Love
21 I Don't Like To Sleep Alone
22 Jump
23 Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Tu Cabeza En Mi Hombro)
24 I'll Be Home For Christmas
25 Hello Young Lovers (Remastered)
26 Time After Time
27 Crazy Love (Digitally Remastered)
28 Adam and Eve (Remastered)
29 It's A Sin
30 Les Filles De Paris (Re-Recorded Version)
31 Diana (Instrumental - Alt Version)
32 Don’t Gamble With Love
33 It's Hard to Say Goodbye (Duet With Celine Dion)
34 Les Filles De Paris (with Chris Botti) (French Version)
35 Think I'm In Love Again
36 The Teen Commandments
37 Pu Your Head on My Shoulder
38 Winter Wonderland (Remastered)
39 Christmas Greeting by Paul Anka
40 Put Your Head on My Shoulders
41 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
42 Summer's Gone (Remastered)
43 Intensity
44 Diana (Digitally Re-Mastered)
45 Diana (Vocal) [Bonus Track]
46 Memories Are Made Of This
47 Walk a Fine Line
48 Jingle Bells (Remastered)
49 One Man Woman/One Woman Man (With Odia Coates)
50 Longest Day
51 Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Digitally Remastered)
52 Love Me Warm & Tender
53 Pennies From Heaven
54 Hold Me 'til The Mornin' Comes
55 You Are My Destiny (Original Mix)
56 It's Christmas Everywhere (Remastered)
57 O Come, All Ye Faithful
58 Tears In Heaven
59 I Love You In the Same Old Way (Remastered)
60 Blue Christmas
61 (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings [Remastered]
62 Heaven
63 Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) (Live)
64 Diana (Vocal)
65 She's a Lady (with Tom Jones)
66 Lonely Boy (Remastered)
67 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Remastered)
68 Oh Carol
69 You Are My Destiny (Digitally Remastered)
70 White Christmas (Remastered)
71 Crazy
72 (I Believe) There's Nothing Stronger Than Our Love
73 She's a Lady (Live)
74 It's Christmas Everywhere (Bonus Track)
75 Silent Night
76 The Christmas Song
77 I'm Coming Home (Remastered)
78 Hark the Herald Angels Sing !
79 It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Remastered)
80 Jubilation
81 Verboten
82 Diana (Instrumental)
83 Moon River
84 Les feuilles mortes (Autumn leaves)
85 O Little Town of Bethlehem (Remastered)
86 I'm Still Waiting Here For You
87 So Its Goodbye
88 Diana (50's Wedding Mix)
89 Les Filles De Paris (with Chris Botti)
91 The Story Of My Love (Remastered)
92 Don't Gamble with Love (Digitally Remastered)
93 O Little Town of Bethlehem
94 Let Me Be The One
95 Every Night (Without You) (Remastered)
96 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
97 Moon River (Remastered)
98 Black Hole Sun
99 So It's Goodbye
100 You Are My Destiny (Bonus Track)
101 Everything's Been Changed
102 My Home Town (Remastered)
103 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Remastered)
104 Let Me Get To Know You
105 My Home Town (Live)
106 Diana (1957) [Digitally Remastered 2012]
107 I'm Not Anyone
108 (All of Sudden) My Heart Sings
109 Diana (Original Mix)
110 Red Sails
111 Jingle Bells
112 Happier
113 You Make Me Feel So Young (Remastered)
114 Crazy Love (Remastered)
115 I'm Still Waiting Here for You (Remastered)
116 Eso Beso
117 I'm In The Mood For Love
118 Think I'm In Love Again (with Gloria Estefan)
119 I Love You, Baby
120 Do I Love You (Duet With Anthea Anka)
121 The Christmas Song (Remastered)
122 Oh! Carol
123 Hello Young Lovers (Live)
124 Puppy Love (1960) [Digitally Remastered 2012]
125 Les Filles De Paris [French Version]
126 Having My Baby
127 Don't Gamble With Love
128 In the Garden of Eden
129 Your Cheatin' Heart
130 I Don't Like to Sleep Alone - feat. Odia Coates
131 Get Here
132 Jambalaya (Remastered)
133 You Are My Destiny (Remastered)
134 Red Sails In the Sunset (Remastered)
135 For Once in My Life (Live)
136 Crazy (with Willie Nelson)
137 Midnight
138 Anytime (I'll Be There)
139 Why Are You Leaning On Me Sir
140 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Remastered)
141 The Way You Make Me Feel
142 This Is Love
143 Diana (Digitally Remastered)
144 You Are My Destiny (1958)
145 You Are My Destiny (with Patti LaBelle)
146 A Mi Manera
147 Who`s Sorry Now
148 Put Your Head In My Shoulder
149 Diana (Italian Version)
150 Cinderella
151 Les Filles De Paris (Remastered)
152 Its Christmas Everywhere
153 Tell Me That You Love Me (Remastered)
154 Love
155 Diana (Re-Recorded)
156 Diana (Bonus Track)
157 A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine
158 Crazy Love
159 You Are My Destiny (Original)
160 Diana (Version 2)
161 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
162 Lonely Boy (Digitally Remastered)
163 Cinderella (Remastered)
164 My Way (with Frank Sinatra)
165 He`ll Have to Go
166 Summer's Gone (Digitally Remastered)
167 Autumn Leaves (Remastered)
168 Bad Day
169 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
170 It's Christmas Everywhere
171 Something Happened (Remastered)
172 Can't Get Used To Losing You
173 Puppy Love (Re-Recorded)
174 Eso Beso (That Kiss!)
175 Put Your Hand On My Shoulder
176 Diana
177 I Love You Baby [Mcd320]
178 Diana (Version 3)
179 Baby, It's Cold Outside
180 It's Time To Cry (Remastered)
181 It's Time to Cry
182 Les filles de Paris
183 Who's Sorry Now?
184 Your Cheatin´Heart
185 Autumn Leaves (Remastered)
186 Adam and Eve
187 Diana (Italian Version)
188 Diana (Remastered)
189 Something Has Changed Me (Remastered)
190 Let Me Try Again
191 You Are My Destiny (Re-Recorded)
192 Eso Beso (That Kiss)
193 It's Hard To Say Goodbye
194 Every Night (Without You)
195 Diana (Original)
196 Eso Beso (That Kiss) [Remastered]
197 A Cradle In Bethlehem
198 Why Are You Leaning On Me Sir (Live)
199 It´s Time to Cry
200 When I Stop Loving You
201 I Can't Take This Anymore
202 He'll Have to Go
203 All I Have to Do Is Dream
204 Silver Bells
205 I Love You Baby (Remastered)
206 Everybody Hurts
207 I Love You Baby (Remastered)
208 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
209 You Belong to Me (Remastered)
210 Hold Me Till The Mornin' Comes
211 Love Land (Re-Recorded)
212 Diana (Live)
213 Remember Diana
214 Games People Play (Live)
215 The Teen Commandments (Remastered)
216 Don’t Ever Leave Me
217 Diana (2012 Remastering)
218 Diana (Fifties Dream Mix)
219 That's Love
220 No Goodbyes
221 You Always Hurt the One You Love
222 Winter Wonderland
223 Midnight (Remastered)
224 Smells Like Teen Spirit
225 Autumn Leaves (Remastered)
226 Diana (1957)
227 So It's Goodbye (Remastered)
228 Save The Last Dance For Me
229 Just Young (Remastered)
230 Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Live)
231 Verboten!
232 Hold Me 'Til the Mornin' Comes (with Peter Cetera)
233 For Once In My Life / Come Rain or Come Shine
234 Dance On Little Girl (Remastered)
235 Walk a Fine Line (with Michael McDonald & George Benson)
236 I've Gotta Be Me - (From the Broadway production, "Golden Rainbow")
237 Diana (Matinee Idols Mix)
238 Late Last Night
239 Love Me Warm and Tender (Remastered)
240 White Christmas
241 Do I Love You? (Yes, in Every Way)
242 Wonderwall
243 I Never Knew Your Name (Remastered)
244 Kissin' On the Phone (Remastered)
245 Ramblin' Rose
246 Jump (Live)
247 You Are My Destiny (Live)
248 Love Me Warm and Tender
249 My Way (Reprise)
250 Let the Bells Keep Ringing (Remastered)
251 Find My Way Back To Your Heart
252 Don't Ever Leave Me
253 Tonight My Love Tonight (Digitally Remastered)
254 I Confess
255 Walking In Memphis
256 A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine (Remastered)
257 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
258 Do I Love You (Remastered)
259 True
260 Diana (Rerecorded)
261 Summers Gone (Remastered)
262 Oh Lonsesome Me
263 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live)
264 Lonely Boy (Live)
265 Hello Jim
266 I Miss You So
267 Puppy Love (Remastered)
268 The Longest Day (March - Percussions)
269 Do I Love You (Yes, In Every Way) [with Dolly Parton]
270 Dianna
271 My Way (live)
272 Your Love
273 Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Remastered)
274 Let It Snow
275 Diana (From "Comitted")
276 Lovecats
277 Just Young (Digitally Remastered)
278 I Miss You So (Remastered)
279 I Can't Stop Loving You
280 Diana (Re-Recorded Version)
281 It's Time to Cry (Live)
282 Freedom For The World
283 I Never Knew Your Name
284 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
285 Hello Young Lovers
286 This Is It
287 One Man Woman / One Woman Man
288 Loney Boy
289 Diana (200% Fifties Mix)
290 Something Has Changed Me
291 Both Sides Now
292 My Way
293 Dance on Little Girl
294 Christmas Song
295 Diana (Hits Medley Version)
296 Ordinary World
297 I Love You Baby (Digitally Remastered)
298 I'd Never Find Another You (Remastered)
299 Eyes Without A Face
300 Puppy Love (Re-Recorded Version)
301 Diana (Vocal Version)
302 Time To Cry
303 Let the Bells Keep Ringing
304 So It's Good Bye
305 Hello,young Lovers
306 I Really Miss You
307 The Longest Day
308 Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)
309 Puppy Love (Remix)
310 It's Really Love

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