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Sarina Paris (born December 22, 1973) is a Canadian dance-pop singer/songwriter of Italian descent, best known for her international dance-club hits, and "Look at Us" and "Just About Enough" in 2000/2001.

Born in 1973, Sarina grew up in Toronto, in a working-class family who were originally from Italy. She moved back to Italy in 1996 after her mom died to get in touch with her roots.

In 1995, Sarina's debut track "Mystery Man" was released in Canada. In 1996, She was discovered by Italian manager/producer Vince Tempera (Kill Bill) and he invited her to become a member of the Gam Gam Project alongside producers Max MOnti and Mauro Pilato in Rimini, Italy which aimed at teaching Italian children to sing in English.

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