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Kevin Parent (born 12 December 1972 in Greenfield Park, Quebec (now Longueuil)) is a bilingual Québécois singer-songwriter. Although his first language is English, he was raised and educated in the French speaking area of Bay of Chaleur (Gaspé Peninsula) in the municipality of Nouvelle during his childhood and attended high school at the École Antoine-Bernard in Carleton-sur-Mer and now lives in the nearby town of Miguasha.

Discovered in 1993 when he participated in a songwriting competition, Kevin Parent signed to Tacca Musique shortly thereafter. His first album, "Pigeon d'argile" sold over 360,000 copies, making it one of the greatest Québécois successes of the decade. With hits like "Nomade sedentaire", "Seigneur" and "Boomerang", Kevin quickly became one of the biggest names in Quebec music in the ‘90s, earning the respect of peers and critics alike, along with numerous Felix Awards in the province and tour dates on both sides of the Atlantic.

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