Paramore Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Paramore Lyrics - by Popularity

1 All I Wanted
2 The Only Exception
3 Decode
4 Careful
5 Playing God
6 Brick By Boring Brick
7 Crushcrushcrush
8 Ignorance
9 Misery Business
10 Ignorance (Acoustic)
11 Monster
12 Misguided Ghosts
13 Turn It Off
14 That's What You Get
15 Brighter
16 Feeling Sorry
17 Looking Up
18 When It Rains
19 All We Know
20 Let The Flames Begin
21 Whoa
22 For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
23 My Heart
24 Where The Lines Overlap
25 We Are Broken
26 I Caught Myself
27 Emergency
28 Never Let This Go
29 Stuck On You
30 Here We Go Again
31 Hallelujah
32 Where The Lines Overlap (Acoustic)
33 Fences
34 Franklin
35 Turn It Off (Acoustic)
36 Oh Star
37 Playing God (Single)
38 In The Mourning
39 This Circle
40 Pressure
41 Daydreaming
42 Tell Me It's Okay (Demo)
43 Still Into You
44 Rewind
45 Interlude: Moving On
46 Now
47 Decode
48 Temporary
49 Ain't It Fun
50 Grow Up
51 Miracle
52 The Only Exception
53 Perfect
54 Part II
55 Daydreaming
56 Brick By Boring Brick
57 Lazy
58 Last Hope
59 Interlude Moving On
60 Conspiracy
61 Brick By Boring Brick (Acoustic)
62 Another Day
63 Still Into You
64 Last Hope
65 You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
66 Anklebiters
67 Anklebiters
68 Born For This
69 Renegade
70 The Circle
71 Interlude: Holiday
72 Interlude Holiday
73 Decoy
74 Sunday Bloody Sunday
75 Proof
76 (One Of Those) Crazy Girls
77 Emergency (EP)
78 Hate to See Your Heart Break
79 interlude: I m Not Angry Anymore
80 Hello Cold World
81 (One of Those) Crazy Girls
82 Be Alone
83 Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)
84 Thats What You Get
85 Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
86 Future
87 Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)
88 Until Tomorrow
89 Be Alone
90 Hate To See Your Heart Break
91 Stay Away
92 Fast In My Car
93 Fast in My Car
94 Future
95 Escape Route
96 Adore
97 Now
98 Native Tongue
99 Native Tongue
100 Breathe
101 Grow Up
102 Escape Route
103 Tell Me It's Okay
104 Hello Hello

Paramore Bio

Paramore (often stylized as paramore) is a Grammy-nominated American rock band that formed in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004 consisting of Hayley Williams (lead vocals/keyboard), Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), and Zac Farro (drums). The group released their debut album All We Know Is Falling in 2005, and their second album Riot! in 2007, which was certified platinum in the US and gold in the UK and Ireland.

In 2003, at the age of 14, vocalist Hayley Nichole Williams (born December 27, 1988) moved from her hometown Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi to Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee USA where she met brothers Josh and Zac Farro while attending private school. Shortly after arriving, she began taking vocal lessons with Brett Manning. Prior to forming Paramore, however, Williams and bassist Jeremy Davis took part in a funk cover band called the Factory, while the Farro brothers had practiced together after school. The other members of what was soon to be Paramore had been "edgy about the whole female thing" of having Williams as vocalist/tambourine/accordian, but, because they were really good friends, she started writing for them and it eventually worked out. The band was officially formed by Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Zac Farro (drums), Jeremy Davis (bass) and Hayley Williams (lead vocals) in 2004, with the later addition of Williams' neighbor Jason Bynum (Rhythm Guitar). They took the name Paramore, which is derived from the maiden name of the mother of one of the group's former bassists during the time in which they were "still playing in the garage"; once the group learned the meaning of the homonym paramour ("secret lover"), they decided to adopt the name, using the Paramore spelling. The band's first song written together was "Conspiracy", which was later used on their debut album.

Paramore's new song "Decode" is the lead single for the novel-based Twilight film. Another song called "I Caught Myself" is also featured on the film's soundtrack. The band began shooting the video October 13 and singer Hayley Williams posted photos on the band's website of them on the set. "Decode" was released on October 1, 2008 on the Paramore Fan Club site as well as Stephenie Meyer's website. The video was premiered on November 3. Hot Topic hosted listening parties for the soundtrack on October 24, 2008, and was released on November 4, 2008. Border's released an exclusive version of the soundtrack that features an acoustic version of "Decode."

The band also will release a live album named The Final Riot! and is set to be released on November 25, 2008. The album includes a bonus DVD with the full concert, an exclusive documentary and behind the scenes content.

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