Pantera Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Pantera Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Cemetery Gates
2 Shattered
3 This Love
4 Mouth For War
5 Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills
6 Domination
7 I'm Broken
8 Planet Caravan
9 Fucking Hostile
10 We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time
11 Walk
12 Becoming
13 13 Steps To Nowhere
14 Psycho Holiday
15 A New Level
16 Clash With Reality
17 Cowboys From Hell
18 Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
19 War Nerve
20 Throes Of Rejection
21 10's
22 Heresy
23 Medicine Man
24 Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
25 5 Minutes Alone
26 Suicide Note Pt. Ii
27 Hollow
28 Death Rattle
29 Drag The Waters
30 Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)
31 25 Years
32 Message In Blood
33 Primal Concrete Sledge
34 Shedding Skin
35 Slaughtered
36 The Badge
37 Strength Beyond Strength
38 Where You Come From
39 Live In A Hole
40 Revolution Is My Name
41 No Good (Attack The Radical)
42 Regular People (Conceit)
43 Floods
44 Rise
45 I'll Cast A Shadow
46 The Sleep
47 The Art Of Shredding
48 The Underground In America
49 By Demons Be Driven
50 I Can't Hide
51 Suicide Note Pt. I
52 The Great Southern Trendkill
53 Sandblasted Skin (Reprise)
54 Hellbound
55 Sleep The
56 Goddamn Electric
57 Come-On Eyes
58 You've Got To Belong To It
59 Respect
60 Proud To Be Loud
61 Use My Third Arm
62 Piss (Single)
63 Art Of Shredding The
64 P.S.T.88
65 Immortally Insane
66 Uplift
67 It Makes Them Disappear
68 (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin
69 Avoid The Light I
70 Raining Blood
71 Over & Out
72 The Underground America
73 No Compromise
74 Metal Magic
75 Can't Hide
76 D*G*T*T*M
77 Death Trap
78 Sad Lover

Pantera Bio

Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas, formed by the Abbott brothers, Vinnie Paul (drums) and Dimebag Darrell (guitar) in 1981. Bassist Rex Brown would join in late 1981 with vocalist Terry Glaze. In 1987 Phil Anselmo became the group's lead vocalist.. After Anselmo joined Pantera, the band shifted from glam metal to what became known as groove metal. After disbanding in 2003 due to deep tensions within the band, any hope of a reunion was lost in 2004, when Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed on-stage at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio on December 8 while performing with Damageplan.

The band was originally named Pantera's Metal Magic and was consisted of Donnie Hart on vocals, Dimebag Darrell (then known as Diamond Darell) and Pat on guitar, Tommy Bradford on bass, and Vinnie Paul on drums. In 1982, the band was renamed Pantera in order to shorten the name and to settle an agreement between all band members.

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