Pandora Lyrics

Genre: Latin

Pandora Lyrics - by Popularity

1 A Little Bit
2 Why
3 Un Beso Y Una Flor
4 Rezo Una Oracion Por Ti (I'll Say A Little Prayer)
5 Show Me What You Got
6 Call Me
7 Autumn of Decadence
8 Xenoforms
9 My Facade
10 Popurri
11 You Believed (Slow Piano String Version)
12 Track8
13 All Things Must Run Their Course
14 Relentless
15 Love and Glory
16 Prologue: Echoes
17 Summer of War
18 Destiny
19 Grandiloquence
20 Frente A Frente
21 It's Alright
22 Nuclear Winter
23 Progenitor of Fate
24 A New Dawn
25 You Woke My Heart
26 Anything
27 Epitaph
28 Anomaly
29 When Eden Falls
30 Ice Cream
31 Any Time of Season
32 Il Necromante, Khurastos e la Prossima Vittima
33 This Shape We Take
34 Ophiuchus
35 The Sands of Time
36 Head Up High
37 Smile'N'Shine
38 Ne Titolo Ne Parole
39 Awaiting the End of Existence
40 Caduceus
41 Zodiark
42 You Believed
43 If You Want It (Come and Get It)
44 La Risalita
45 Syn?sthesia
46 Don't Worry
47 Kitchy Kitchy
48 Goin' On
49 Apollo
50 The Observer Effect
51 Hope (Is All I Have)
52 Waves of Memories (Epilogue)
53 Tony il Matto
54 The World Beyond
55 Con Tu Amor
56 Why (feat. Stacy)
57 Liar
58 Sempre con Me
59 On Auto-Pilot
60 Ni Tu Ni Yo
61 Until The Hurt Is Gone
62 Out of Earth
63 Alibi Filosofico
64 The Messengers
65 I Found Love
66 Death of a Friend
67 Implode the Multiverse
68 The Moon Child
69 Mi Hombre
70 Wild Boys
71 Pandora
72 The Atomos
73 The Way I see Things
74 En Carne Viva
75 Off The Hook
76 Prelude
77 Comets
78 Untainted
79 Solo El Y Yo
80 Turn It Over
81 Four Seasons
82 In Ruins
83 The Scales of Judgement

Pandora Bio

Anneli Magnusson (born June 20, 1970, in Västerås), known by her stage name Pandora, is a Swedish eurodance artist. She was most popular during the mid 1990s in the Nordic countries, in Asia and Australia in the end of 1990s to mid 2000s but is still active and releasing material more recently as United DJs vs. Pandora.

Pandora's commercial career finally began in the winter of 1993/94. In autumn 1993 she signed a contract with a Swedish record company and released her debut single "Trust Me", which went straight into the Swedish charts. Written and produced by Sir Martin & The Dr. Maxx Family, "Trust Me" became the best-selling local single of the year and went gold, thereby exceeding the achievements of Ace of Base, among others.

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