Ozark Mountain Daredevils Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Ozark Mountain Daredevils Lyrics - by Popularity

1 If I Only Knew
2 Black Sky
3 Spaceship Orion
4 Chicken Train
5 Colorado Song
6 From Time To Time
7 The Red Plum
8 Jackie Blue
9 Lowlands
10 Beauty in the River
11 Cobblestone Mountain
12 Gypsy Forest
13 Mr. Powell
14 E. E. Lawson
15 Out On The Sea
16 It's All Over Now
17 Thin Ice
18 Look Away
19 Journey To The Center Of Your Heart
20 Time Warp
21 Bad Road
22 Fool's Gold
23 Southern Cross
24 It'll Shine When It Shines
25 Love Makes The Lover
26 Running Away
27 God Speed (Your Love)
28 So Close To The Feeling
29 Commercial Success
30 Bar Hoppin'
31 Dream-O
32 Standing On The Rock
33 The Sun's Gonna Shine
34 Fly Away Home
35 Arroyo
36 If It's True
37 Oh, Darlin'
38 Mountain Range
39 Give 'Em My Number
40 It's How You Think
41 It Couldn't Be Better
42 Watermill
43 River To The Sun
44 It Probably Always Will
45 You Know Like I Know
46 New York
47 Sonora
48 Don't Talk
49 Wilder Days
50 Black Leather
51 Lost Cabin
52 Where Are We
53 Outside My Country Home
54 Gettin' Higher
55 Rainbird
56 Tidal Wave
57 Marooned
58 Gonna Buy Me A Car
59 Absolute Zero
60 Keep On Churnin'
61 Homeade Wine
62 Walkin' Down The Road
63 Number One Girl
64 Hilltop Girl
65 Leatherwood
66 Moon On The Rise
67 Sheriff's Comin'
68 Outside The Law
69 What's Happened Along In My Life
70 Only Seventeen
71 There Oughta Be A Law
72 Road to Glory
73 Snowbound
74 Sometimes You Earn
75 You Made It Right
76 Satisfaction Guaranteed
(I Could Give You Love)
77 Empty Cup
78 Stinghead
79 Stolen Away
80 A Satisfied Mind
81 The Best Is Yet To Come
82 Country Girl
83 The Fox
84 Sweet Love
85 Waiting To Let Go
86 Jump At The Chance
87 Homemade Wine
88 True Believer
89 Everywhere She Goes
90 Lovin' You
91 I Threw Away The Chains
92 Fishin' In The Dark
93 Within Without
94 Within A Dream
95 Horse Trader
96 Breakaway (from those chains)
97 Road Master
98 If You Wanna Get To Heaven
99 I'm Still Dreamin'
100 Rosalie
101 Noah
102 Heart of the Country
103 I'm Still Dreaming
104 In The Day, In The Night
105 Runnin' Out
106 Reudi Valley Boogie
107 Heatin' Up
108 Followin' The Way That I Feel
109 Ooh Boys (It's Hot)
110 Love is Calling
111 Sailin' Around the World
112 Lonely Knight
113 The River
114 The Rhythm of Joy
115 Better Days
116 Take You Tonight
117 Whippoorwill
118 Turn It Up
119 Lovin’ Again
120 Chicken Train Stomp
121 Over Again
122 Tuff Luck
123 Backroads
124 Feelin' Good
125 On Our Carousel
126 Kansas You Fooler
127 Hang On
128 Dreams
129 Standing On The Corner of Live &Learn
130 Establish Yourself
131 Crazy Lovin'
132 Long Time To Here
133 Someday Darlin’
134 Hollywood
135 True Love
136 Tear In The Rain
137 Following The Way That I Feel
138 Moon Come Up
139 Crazy Over You
140 Walking In The Morning
141 Just Another Girlfriend
142 (Flame of) Laredo
143 Giving It All To The Wind

Ozark Mountain Daredevils Bio

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils are a Southern rock/country rock band formed in 1972 in Springfield, Missouri, USA. They are most widely known for their singles "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" in 1974 and "Jackie Blue" in 1975. Some have described the band's sound as a "countrified Steely Dan."

The Daredevils are also mentioned in the "Don's Story" chapter of American humorist David Sedaris' book Barrel Fever. Bassist Michael "Supe" Granda has also written a book about the band, It Shined.

The "Daredevils" name has much to do with the long hair and beards sported by the band in the 1970s, a rejection of the more conservative style of their native Ozarks during that decade. It is mentioned in the book about the band "It Shined," by Michael Granda, that the band name was derived from "Cosmic Corn Cob & His Amazing Ozark Mountain Daredevils," a name that John Dillon came up with at a Kansas City  "naming party" after the band was told that the name they had previously been using, "Family Tree," was already taken. The band shortened the name because none of the band members at the time wanted to be called "Cosmic Corn Cob," and they did not want the name to sound similar to The Amazing Rhythm Aces.

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