Over The Rhine Lyrics

Genre: Blues

Over The Rhine Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Long Lost Brother
2 Snowed In With You
3 Lucy
4 When You Say Love
5 Firefly
6 Should
7 Within Without
8 Flanders Fields
9 Born
10 Hej (I Do)
11 Here It Is
12 Drunkard's Prayer
13 Birds
14 Someday (And If You Call)
15 Remind Us
16 Falling (Death Of A Tree)
17 Rhapsodie
18 We're Gonna Pull Through
19 Melancholy Room
20 Eyes Wide Open
21 Lookin' Forward
22 Sleep Baby Jane
23 Blue Jean Sky
24 Fool
25 Give Me Strength
26 The Laugh Of Recognition
27 Latter Days
28 Gentle Wounds
29 L.A.R. Reprise
30 Cuyahoga
31 Desperate For Love
32 Sharpest Blade
33 Circle Of Quiet
34 Everyman's Daughter
35 If I'm Drowning
36 Little Genius
37 North Pole Man
38 Baby If This Is Nowhere
39 How Long Have You Been Stoned
40 Don't Wait For Tom
41 Bothered
42 Rave On
43 Poughkeepsie
44 Iron Curtain
45 HDIF (Reprise)
46 Anything At All
47 Wildflower Bouquet
48 Lifelong Fling
49 I Don't Wanna Waste Your Time
50 Dead Weight
51 Soon
52 Grey Monologue
53 Amelia's Last
54 Like A Radio
55 Meet Me At The Edge Of The World
56 Let's Spend The Day In Bed
57 The Birds Of Nowhere Farm
58 If A Song Could Be President
59 Undamned
60 How Does It Feel (To Be On My Mind)
61 Goodbye (This Is Not Goodbye)
62 Paul And Virginia
63 Called Home
64 Favorite Time Of Light
65 Little Did I Know
66 Trouble
67 Infamous Love Song
68 Il Est Dans Mons Poche
69 The Seahorse
70 Sea And Sky
71 Sacred Ground
72 Professional Daydreamer
73 Blood Oranges in the Snow
74 Ohio
75 Only God Can Save Us Now
76 I Painted My Name
77 Etcetera Whatever
78 I’d Want You
79 What I'll Remember Most
80 Another Christmas
81 Nobody Number One
82 Show Me
83 Conjectures Of A Guilty Bystander
84 Oh Yeah By The Way
85 I've Been Slipping
86 Happy to Be So
87 The Genius Of Water
88 Gonna Let My Soul Catch My Body
89 My Father's Body
90 I'm On A Roll
91 Daddy Untwisted
92 The King Knows How
93 Jacksie
94 Cruel and Pretty
95 Ubiquitous Hands
96 All Of It Was Music
97 Spark
98 If We Make It Through December
99 I Want You To Be My Love
100 Nothing Is Innocent
101 There's A Bluebird In My Heart
102 Lullabye
103 B.P.D.
104 The World Can Wait
105 Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down
106 Snow Angel
107 Let It Fall
108 She
109 The Trumpet Child
110 Happy With Myself?
111 Days Like This
112 A Gospel Number
113 Faithfully Dangerous
114 Highland County
115 Hometown Boy
116 Snow Birds
117 Hush Now (Stella's Tarantella)
118 Entertaining Thoughts
119 June
120 All My Favorite People
121 Sister
122 The Poopsmith Song
123 Who' I Kiddin' But Me
124 Wait
125 One Olive Jingle
126 Bethlehem
127 Bluer
128 All I Need Is Everything
129 Unspoken
130 And Can It Be
131 Go Down Easy
132 Darlin' (Christmas Is Coming)
133 All Over Ohio
134 Suitcase
135 First Snowfall
136 Jesus in New Orleans
137 My Love Is A Fever
138 It's Never Quite What It Seems
139 Cast Me Away
140 Fairpoint Diary
141 White Horse
142 Earthbound Love Song
143 All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue
144 New Year's Song
145 Who Will Guard The Door
146 All I Need Is Everything (Chamber Music Remix)
147 Thank You My Angel
148 Miles
149 Little Town
150 Against The Grain
151 It Makes No Difference
152 Changes Come
153 Within Without (Rough Remix)
154 Goodbye
155 Fly Dance
156 Bothered (hidden track)
157 New Redemption Song

Over The Rhine Bio

Over the Rhine is an American, Ohio-based band, the core of which is the husband-and-wife team of pianist/guitarist/bassist Linford Detweiler and vocalist/guitarist Karin Bergquist. The band originally began as a quartet with guitarist Ric Hordinski and drummer Brian Kelley. Hordinski left the band in December 1996, and Kelley continued to play into 1997 before departing. The original foursome has reunited a couple of times recently; first in December of 2008 at The Taft Theatre (in Cincinnati) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the formation of the band and more recently, in the summer of 2010 at Ric's studio, "the Monastery," to play the album "Good Dog Bad Dog" live, in its entirety.

Similar artists include Sufjan Stevens, Dawn Xiana Moon, Feist, and Patti Griffin.

The band's namesake and place of origin is the Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood Over-the-Rhine. Karin attended school in Barnesville, Ohio and graduated from Barnesville High School in 1984. She then went to Malone College, located in Canton, Ohio, where she met Linford. Karin and Linford were married in the fall of 1996 in Cincinnati and several years ago relocated to a pre-Civil War farm outside of town.

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