Osdorp Posse Song Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Osdorp Posse Bio

Osdorp Posse was one of the first rap groups to produce rap music in Dutch language. ‘The Posse’ was formed in 1989 by Def-P (lead singer), King (backup vocal), IJsblok (backup vocal) and Seda (beat creator). Due to their fairly hard and extreme views on everyday life portrayed in their songs, they soon had a fairly large fan base in the Dutch underground scene.

Their debut album Osdorp Stijl released in 1992 contained songs like "Moordenaar!" (Murderer!), "Katholieke trut" (Catholic bitch) and "Commerciële AIDS" (Commercial AIDS). This album set the tone, by using hardcore beats combined with a hardcore message shouted out by a seemingly furious Def-P. The main subjects handled in their songs were the poor quality and lack of creativity in commercial music ("Commerciële AIDS"); religious fanaticism ("Katholieke trut"); and the joys of drinking beer ("Bier").

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osdorp_Posse

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