Osbourne Ozzy Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Osbourne Ozzy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Dreamer
2 Now You See It (Now You Don't)
3 Crazy Train
4 Paranoid
5 Mr Crowley
6 Revelation (Mother Earth)
7 No More Tears
8 Flying High Again
9 Zombie Stomp
10 Changes
11 No Easy Way Out
12 A V H
13 Black Sabbath
14 Crazy Babies
15 Mr Crowly
16 Secret Loser
17 Bark At The Moon
18 Believer
19 Running Out Of Time
20 Forever
21 Changes (The Right Version)
22 You Know...(Part 1)
23 Little Dolls
24 Bloodbath In Paradise
25 Spiders
26 S A T O
27 Sweet Leaf
28 See You On The Other Side
29 You're No Diffrent
30 Time After Time
31 Goodbye To Romance
32 Never
33 Gets Me Through
34 Mama, I'm Coming Home
35 Steal Away (The Night)
36 Tatooed Dancer
37 Thank God For The Bomb
38 Ghost Behind My Eyes
39 The Ultimate Sin
40 Diary Of A Madman
41 That I Never Had
42 Road To Nowhere
43 I Just Want You
44 Back On Earth
45 My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
46 Rock 'n' Roll Rebel
47 Close My Eyes Forever
48 My Little Man
49 So Tired
50 Over The Mountain
51 Miracle Man
52 Old L A Tonight
53 Shot In The Dark
54 Hellraiser
55 Perry Mason
56 Waiting For Darkness
57 Tonight
58 Mr Tinkertrain
59 You Can't Kill Rock And Roll
60 Tattooed Dancer
61 S I N
62 Thunder Underground
63 Alive
64 War Pigs
65 Tomorrow
66 Black Illusion
67 Fool Like You
68 I Don't Know
69 Can You Hear Them
70 Breaking All The Rules
71 Killer Of Giants
72 Desire
73 Lightning Strikes
74 No Bone Movies
75 Facing Hell
76 I Don't Want To Change The World
77 Demon Alchohol
78 Devil's Daughter
79 Fire In The Sky
80 Never Know Why
81 Junkie
82 Suicide Solution
83 Denial

Osbourne Ozzy Bio

John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne (born 3 December 1948) is an English singer-songwriter and occasional actor, whose career has spanned over 40 years.

Osbourne rose to prominence as lead vocalist and lyricist of the pioneering English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, a band whose radically different, intentionally dark, doom sound spearheaded the heavy metal genre. In his subsequent solo career Osbourne achieved a multi-platinum status in addition to the one he had earned with Black Sabbath. These things are what led Osbourne to become known as the "Godfather of Heavy Metal". It was during his Sabbath days that, because of their dark style of music, Osbourne became known as the "Prince of Darkness". Osbourne has over 15 tattoos, the most famous of which are the letters O-Z-Z-Y across the knuckles of his left hand. This was his first tattoo, created by himself as a teenager with a sewing needle and pencil lead.

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