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Genre: Ska

Operation Ivy Bio

Operation Ivy was a ska punk band formed in Berkeley, California, often being credited as the founders of the 90s punk revival in California. They are also well-known as one of the earliest ska-core bands, a genre that fuses elements of hardcore with ska punk. The band had two lead singers and consisted of Jesse Michaels (lead vocals), Tim Armstrong (credited as "Lint") (lead vocals/guitar), Matt Freeman (credited as Matt McCall) (bass/backing vocals), and Dave Mello (Drums/backing vocals). Although Operation Ivy had little mainstream success during their career, they had a large underground following and influenced many bands of the 90s punk revival. Their one and only full-length album, Energy, has been cited as one of the greatest punk rock albums of all time. The band's name, previously abandoned by another Gilman group, Isocracy, was derived from the Operation Ivy series of nuclear tests.


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