One Bad Pig Lyrics

Genre: Christian

One Bad Pig Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Take A Look At Yourself
2 I Scream Sunday - Live Version
3 I Scream Sunday (Live)
4 See Me Sweat
5 The Man in Black
6 You're A Pagan
7 Red River - Live Version
8 Red River (Live)
9 Altar Ego
10 Life's a Bomb
11 Man In Black
12 Judas Kiss - Live Version
13 Judas Kiss (Live)
14 Hey Punk
15 Sleepin' With the World
16 Not Love Money
17 Cut Your Hair - Live Version
18 Cut Your Hair (Live)
19 Red River
20 Isaiah 6
21 Cut Your Hair
22 Bowl of Wrath - Live Version
23 Bowl of Wrath (Live)
24 Bowl of Wrath
25 Be Not Alarmed
26 For A Good Man
27 Isaiah 6 - Live Version
28 Isaiah 6 (Live)
29 Big Stomach
30 Ice Cream Sundae
31 Bird Nest
32 Altar Ego - Live Version
33 Let's Be Frank (Live)
34 Christmas Time
35 Godarchy
36 Up The Nose
37 Godarchy - Live Version
38 Altar Ego (Live)
39 Judas' Kiss
40 Frat Rats
41 Spirit Of Murder
42 Kosher - Live Version
43 Swine Flew (Live)
44 Desperation
45 Smash the Guitar
46 Sober Up
47 Ice Cream Sundae - Live Version
48 Godarchy (Live)
49 Swine Flew
50 Kingdom Come
51 Pad Thai
52 Looney Tune - Live Version
53 Kosher (Live)
54 When Your Love Died
55 Take a Flying Leap
56 Never Forget The Cross
57 Rock the Casbah - Live Version
58 Ice Cream Sundae (Live)
59 We Want You
60 Don't Be Fooled
61 Wholly My Lord
62 Never Forget the Cross - Live Version
63 Looney Tune (Live)
64 People Cry Out
65 Blow and Go
66 Take A Look At Yourself - Live Version
67 Take a Look At Yourself (Live)
68 Rock the Casbah (Live)
69 Lust
70 Hey Punk - Live Version
71 Hey Punk (Live)
72 Never Forget the Cross (Live)
73 Let's Be Frank
74 I Scream Sunday
75 Smash The Guitar - Live Version
76 Smash the Guitar (Live)
77 Looney Tune
78 I'm Not Getting Any Older

One Bad Pig Bio

One Bad Pig is a Christian punk and metal crossover band from Austin, Texas which formed in 1985. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music describes them as "quite possibly the most popular hard-punk act ever to arise within the Christian music scene." They were known for their mischief and irreverence on-stage, as reflected even in their reunion at Cornerstone in 2000.

The group evolved out of a street ministry led by Carey Womack, who was studying to become a Baptist minister at the time. Several other members also had a background in ministry; Brian Wheeler was an Assembly of God evangelist, and Paul Q-Pek had sung with The Continental Singers. The band originally formed for a one time only performance at a local Christian music festival held on Labor Day 1985.

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