O.A.R. Lyrics

Genre: Rock

O.A.R. Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Fire
2 Irish Rose
3 Dangerous Connection
4 World Like That
5 Not For Me
6 Give Me Something
7 Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes
8 Almost Easy
9 Heavy Heart
10 Gotta Live
11 Shattered (Turn The Car Around)
12 Heard the World
13 Heaven
14 Are You Low?
15 James
16 Over And Over
17 City On Down
18 Back To One
19 Lay Down [Live]
20 This Town
21 Whose Chariot?
22 The Last Time
23 Delicate Few
24 Coalminer
25 Dareh Meyod
26 Road Outside Columbus
27 Something Coming Over
28 Taking On The World Today
29 Risen
30 Dinner Last Night
31 Ladanay
32 One Day [Live]
33 Living In The End
34 Get Away
35 What Is Mine
36 Conquering Fools
37 Love And Memories
38 Gift
39 52-50
40 Ran Away to the Top of the World Today
41 Brand New - Interlude 2
42 War Song
43 Night Shift
44 Wicked Storm - Interlude 3
45 Right On Time
46 Anyway
47 Mr. Moon
48 On My Way
49 Anyway (Live)
50 I Will Find You
51 About Mr. Brown
52 Ladanday
53 Tonight
54 Only Wanna Love You
55 So Moved On
56 Old Man Time
57 When Can I Go Home
58 Lay Down
59 King
60 Patiently
61 Catching Sunlight
62 The Stranger
63 Destination
64 Any Time Now
65 Program Director
66 Heard The World [Live]
67 I Feel Home
68 The Fallout
69 Dakota
70 Over & Over
71 She Gone (Only In Dreams)
72 Tragedy in Waiting
73 Woke Up An Uncle
74 Daylight the Dog
75 Hold on True
76 That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
77 Two Hands Up
78 Untitled
79 One Day
80 About an Hour Ago
81 We Made It - Interlude 1
82 We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off
83 Black Rock
84 Peace
85 One Shot
86 King of the Thing
87 Try Me
88 Untitled [Live]
89 The Element
90 Toy Store
91 Whatever Happened
92 Ran Away To The Top Of The World [Live]
93 Favorite Song
94 Here's to You
95 Someone In the Road
96 To Zion Goes I
97 On Top the Cage
98 So Good So Far
99 Ran Away to the Top of the World
100 The Wanderer
101 If Only She Knew
102 She Gone
103 The Architect
104 3am
105 Revisited
106 Nasim Joon
107 Short A Try
108 Place To Hide
109 Missing Pieces
110 Hey Girl
111 Wonderful Day
112 Hangover
113 Caroline The Wrecking Ball

O.A.R. Bio

O.A.R. (short for Of a Revolution) is an American rock band, founded in 1996 in Rockville, Maryland. The band consists of lead vocalist Marc Roberge, drummer Chris Culos, guitarist Richard On, bassist Benj Gershman, and saxophonist Jerry DePizzo. Together, the band has released seven studio albums, including their latest release, King, in August 2011. The band is well known for their live shows and extensive summer touring, and have released five records of various live performances to date. Four members of the band members grew up in Rockville, Maryland and attended Ohio State University where they met the fifth member, saxophonist Jerry DePizzo from Youngstown, Ohio.

O.A.R. was founded in 1996 by lead vocalist Marc Roberge and drummer Chris Culos, inspired in part by Roberge's older brother, who plays drums for the band Foxtrot Zulu. They later recruited Richard On and Benj Gershman. In 1997 they recorded their debut album, The Wanderer, at Gizmo Recording Company in Silver Spring, Maryland with engineer/producer Gantt Kushner. Many songs from the album, including "Black Rock" and "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker", became staples of their live shows and are still played at most of their concerts today.

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