Notorious Big Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Notorious Big Albums

Notorious Big Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Fuck You Tonight"(feat. R. Kelly
2 I Got A Story To Tell
3 Life After Death (Intro)
4 suicidal thoughts
5 Last Day"(feat. The Lox
6 warning
7 Me & My Bitch
8 Big Booty Hoes
9 Ten Crack Commandments [Clean]
10 Notorious B.I.G. - Featuring Lil' Kim/Puff Daddy
11 My Downfall"(feat. DMC
12 Somebody's Gotta Die
13 Who Shot Ya [Clean]
14 1970 Somethin' (Featuring The Game & Faith Evans)
15 Ready To Die"(feat. Puff Daddy
16 Can I Get Witcha
17 Notorious Thugs [Clean]
18 Beef (Featuring Mobb Deep)
19 Just a Memory (Featuring The Clipse) [Explicit Version]
20 I Love the Dough"(feat. Jay-Z, Angela Winbush
21 Hold Ya Head (Featuring Bob Marley)
22 I Really Want To Show You
23 Dead Wrong [Clean]
24 unblelievable
25 Bust A Nut
26 Ultimate Rush (Featuring Missy Elliott) [Explicit Version]
27 Get Money
28 Player's Anthem
29 the what
30 Unbelieveable
31 Nasty Girl
32 DA-B-side
33 Nasty Boy
34 Notorious
35 Spit Your Game
36 Ms. Wallace
37 Would You Die For Me
38 Nasty Girl [Clean]
39 Whatchu Want - The Commission (Featuring Jay-Z)
40 Going Back To Cali
41 If I Should Die Before I Wake
42 Big Pappa
43 Let Me Get Down
44 Rap Phenomenon
45 Notorius Thugs"(feat. Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony
46 Just a Memory (Featuring the Clipse)
47 Breakin' Old Habits (Featuring T.I. and Slim Thug)
48 Another"(feat. Lil' Kim
49 Hope You Niggas Sleep - Featuring Hot Boys/Big Timer
50 Niggas Bleed
51 Big Poppa [Clean]
52 Dangerous MC's - Featuring Mark Curry/Snoop Dogg/Busta Rhymes
53 My Downfall - Featuring DMC
54 Miss You
55 Last Day
56 Fuck You Tonight
57 Hypnotize [Clean]
58 me and my bitch
59 You'll See
60 Dead Wrong
61 Hold Ya Head (Featuring Bob Marley) [Explicit Version]
62 Wake Up (Featuring KoRn) [Explicit Version]
63 Biggie
64 Warning [Clean]
65 Another
66 Dangerous MC's
67 Unbelievable [Clean]
68 Come On
69 Hope You Niggas Sleep
70 The What"(feat. Method Man
71 Hustler's Story
72 DJ Enuff Freestyle
73 Me & My Bitch"(feat. Puff Daddy
74 Mi Casa
75 F**King You Tonight
76 Whatchu Want (Featuring Jay-Z)
77 Beef (Featuring Mobb Deep) [Explicit Version]
78 Real Niggaz
79 Niggas
80 Living In Pain
81 Living The Life
82 1970 Somethin' (Featuring The Game and Faith Evans)
83 Whatchu Want (The Commission) [Featuring Jay-Z] %7BExplicit Version%7D
84 It Has Been Said
85 1970 Somethin' (Featuring the Game and Faith Evans) [Explicit Version]
86 Get Your Grind On
87 #!*@ Me (Interlude)
88 Want That Old Thing Back [Clean]
89 The World is Filled..."(feat. Puff Daddy, Too $hort
90 B.I.G (Interlude)

Notorious Big Bio

Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was an American rapper. He was popularly known as Biggie Smalls (after a character in the 1975 film Let's Do It Again), Big Poppa, Frank White (after the main character of the 1990 film King of New York), and by his primary stage name The Notorious B.I.G..

Wallace was raised in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. When Wallace released his debut album Ready to Die in 1994, he became a central figure in the East Coast hip-hop scene and increased New York's visibility at a time when West Coast artists were more common in the mainstream. The following year, Wallace led his childhood friends to chart success through his protégé group, Junior M.A.F.I.A.. While recording his second album, Wallace was heavily involved in the East Coast/West Coast hip-hop feud, dominating the scene at the time.

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