Norah Jones Lyrics

Genre: Jazz

Norah Jones Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Chasing Pirates
2 Light As A Feather
3 Stuck
4 Even Though
5 Waiting
6 Back To Manhattan
7 One Flight Down
8 Turn Me On
9 Young Blood
10 The Prettiest Thing
11 Thinking About You
12 Until the End
13 Rosie's Lullaby
14 Lonestar
15 Painter Song
16 Humble Me
17 The Long Day Is Over
18 The Nearness of You
19 Broken
20 December
21 Tell Yer Mama
22 Seven Years
23 Shoot the Moon
24 2 Men
25 Norah Jones - The Long Day Is Over
26 Those Sweet Words
27 Nightingale
28 Sleepless Nights
29 Cold Cold Heart
30 Wake Me Up
31 Man Of The Hour
32 Sunrise
33 Crazy
34 Wish I Could
35 Be Here to Love Me
36 Bessie Smith
37 Not My Friend
38 Why Can't He Be You
39 My Dear Country
40 Be My Somebody
41 Come Away with Me
42 Not Too Late
43 Tennessee Waltz
44 Carnival Town
45 She's 22
46 Feelin' In The Same Way
47 Until the End (Live)
48 Once I Had Laugh
49 Miriam (Peter Bjorn and John Remix)
50 It's Gonna Be (Live At the Living Room)
51 Cold, Cold Heart - Live in Chicago
52 Young Blood (iTunes Originals version)
53 If the Law Don't Want You
54 The Story
55 Just Noise
56 I've Got to See You Again
57 Take Off Your Cool
58 I Think It’s Going to Rain Today
59 Can't Stop
60 My Dear Country (Live)
61 Sleeping Wild
62 Say Goodbye (José Padilla Remix)
63 Cold Cold Heart (Live At House of Blues - New Orleans)
64 Summertime
65 After the Fall (David Andrew Sitek Remix)
66 It's Gonna Be (alternate version)
67 Sweet Words
68 It's Gonna Be (Live)
69 If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain)
70 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
71 Life Is Better
72 I Think It's Going to Rain Today
73 Say Goodbye (Live)
74 Black (Live)
75 Broken (Live)
76 African Flower
77 Take It Back (David Andrew Sitek Remix)
78 Until the End (Live from Rehearsals.com)
79 Bull Rider - iTunes Original
80 Take It Back (live)
81 Life Is a Carnival
82 All a Dream (Live)
83 Sinkin' Soon
84 I’ve Got to See You Again
85 Soon The New Day
86 Happy Pills
87 How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart?
88 Don't Know Why (Live)
89 What Am I to You?
90 Waiting (Live At the Living Room)
91 Creepin' In - feat. Dolly Parton
92 In the Morning
93 Happy Pills (live)
94 Humble Me Up
95 Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)
96 I Think It's Going to Rain Today (Live At Frederick P. Rose Hall )
97 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
98 Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John
99 Stuck (radio edit)
100 I Don’t Wanna Hear Another Sound
101 Not My Friend (Live)
102 Above Ground
103 You've Ruined Me (Live At the Living Room)
104 Blue Bayou - Live in Austin
105 Miriam (live)
106 By My Somebody
107 ShootTheMoon
108 Something Is Calling You (Demo Version)
109 Here We Go Again
110 Something Is Calling You
111 Strangers (Live At the Living Room) [Bonus Track]
112 Killing Time
113 The Sun Doesn't Like You
114 In the Morning (Live For AOL)
115 The Long Way Home
116 Jesus, Etc. (Live At the Living Room)
117 Don’t Miss You at All
118 World Of Trouble
119 Little Broken Hearts (live)
120 Crazy (live in Chicago)
121 What Am I to You (Live)
122 Say Goodbye
123 Loretta
124 You've Ruined Me (Live At the Living Room) [Bonus Track]
125 Out On The Road (Mondo Version)
126 The Sun Doesn't Like You (Live)
127 Moon Song
128 Be My Somebody (Live)
129 Creepin' In
130 Stuck (live)
131 Turn Me On (Live In Chicago)
132 Day Is Done
133 Good Morning
134 Dear John
135 Peace
136 It's Gonna Be (Live At the Living Room) [Bonus Track]
137 Jesus, Etc
138 Not Too Late (Live)
139 I Turned Your Picture To The Wall
140 Wish I Could (Live)
141 Don't Miss You at All
142 Sunrise (live)
143 Cold Cold Heart (Live) (House Of Blues - New Orleans)
144 Tell Your Mama
145 Little Broken Hearts
146 Court & Spark
147 Cold, Cold Heart (Live)
148 Jesus, Etc. (Live At the Living Room) [Bonus Track]
149 Cry, Cry, Cry
150 Hands On the Wheel (Live in Austin)
151 Don't Know Why (2012 Remastered Version)
152 Sinkin' Soon (Live from Rehearsals.com)
153 Mean Ol' Moon
154 I Don't Know Why
155 Don't Know Why (original demo version)
156 I Wouldn't Need You
157 At Last
158 She’s 22
159 More Than This
160 Something Is Calling You (original demo version)
161 Stuck (album version)
162 Hands On the Wheel
163 Sinkin' Soon (Live)
164 Don’t Be Denied
165 Rosie's Lullaby (Live from Rehearsals.com)
166 Don't Know Why (Demo Version)
167 Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want To Get Over You)
168 Come Away With Me (iTunes Originals Version)
169 I Wouldn’t Need You
170 Love Me
171 Take It Back
172 Blue Bayou
173 My Blue Heaven
174 Peace (Bonus Track)
175 Chasing Pirates (Droogs remix)
176 She’s 22 (David Andrew Sitek Remix)
177 Good Morning (David Andrew Sitek Remix)
178 Flipside
179 I Don't Wanna Hear Another Sound (Bonus Track)
180 Tennessee Waltz (Radio Edit)
181 In The Dark
182 Turn Me On (Live)
183 It’s Gonna Be
184 Virginia Moon
185 After the Fall
186 In A Whisper
187 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bonus Track)
188 Chasing Pirates (original album version)
189 Burn
190 Cry, Cry, Cry (Live At the Living Room)
191 Tragedy
192 Come Away With Me (iTunes Original version)
193 Jesus, Etc. (Live)
194 Cry, Cry, Cry [Live]
195 I Walk the Line
196 You’ve Ruined Me
197 Turn Them
198 4 Broken Hearts
199 Feeling The Same Way
200 Something Is Calling You (Original Demo Version) [Bonus Track]
201 Waiting (Live At the Living Room) [Bonus Track]
202 It's A Wonderful Time For Love
203 Little Room
204 Strangers (Live At the Living Room)
205 Carry On
206 Bull Rider (iTunes Originals version)
207 Everybody Needs A Best Friend
208 Strangers [Live]
209 What Am I To Do
210 It's Gonna Be
211 Baby It's Cold Outside
212 Travelin’ On
213 Out On the Road
214 Toes
215 Cry, Cry, Cry (Live At the Living Room) [Bonus Track]
216 And Then There Was You
217 Rosie's Lullaby (Live)
218 Say Goobye (Commentary)
219 Travelin' On (José Padilla Remix)
220 Sinkin' Soon (iTunes Originals version)
221 Sweet Dreams
222 Waiting [Live]
223 Tennessee Waltz (with Joel Harrison)
224 You've Ruined Me
225 Bull Rider
226 Miriam
227 Painter's Song
228 Miriam (Peter Bjorn & John Remix)
229 Don't Be Denied
230 Those Sweet Words (Live)
231 She's 22 (Commentary)
232 Chasing Pirates (iTunes Originals version)
233 Picture in a Frame
234 You've Ruined Me [Live]
235 Don't Know Why
236 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
237 Ruler of My Heart
238 All a Dream
239 Love Me Tender
240 Back to Manhatten
241 Day Breaks
242 Thinking About You (Live)
243 4 Broken Hearts (Commentary)
244 Even Though (iTunes Originals version)
245 She
246 She's 22 (David Andrew Sitek Remix)
247 Don’t Know Why
248 Feelin' The Same Way
249 The Best Part

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Norah Jones Bio

Geetali Norah Jones Shankar (born March 30, 1979), widely known as Norah Jones, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actress. She is a daughter of sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar and Sue Jones. She is Anoushka Shankar's half-sister.

In 2002, she launched her solo music career with the release of the commercially successful and critically acclaimed album Come Away with Me, a fusion of country music and pop with elements of jazz which was certified diamond, selling over 26 million copies. The record earned Jones five Grammy Awards, including the Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist. Her subsequent studio albums Feels Like Home, released in 2004; Not Too Late, released in 2007, the same year she made her film debut in My Blueberry Nights; and 2009's The Fall all gained Platinum status, selling over a million copies each and were generally well received by critics. Jones' fifth studio album, Little Broken Hearts, was released on April 27, 2012.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norah_Jones