Nobody's Angel Song Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Nobody's Angel Bio

Nobody's Angel was an American pop girl group of the late 1990s. The group consisted of four members Alitzah Navarro, Stacey Harper, Amy Sue Hardy and Sarah Smith. The band was put together after they became friends and discovered they had something in common: a shared taste for music, dancing and acting.

In 1998, the quartet recorded "Let's Get Together" for the movie The Parent Trap. A year later, the girls all guest-starred as themselves on the ABC television show, Boy Meets World and soon after, in 2000, they released their self-titled album, on the Hollywood Records label. Nobody's Angel featured the hit song, "If You Wanna Dance". Later, they released the song "Pokémon World" with the boy band Youngstown for the movie Pokémon The Movie 2000.

They were featured on the Disney TV movie, Model Behavior, starring Justin Timberlake. Stacey and Amy Sue both left the group in 2001 to pursue careers of their own. They were soon replaced by actress-singer Jennie Kwan (formerly of the NBC show California Dreams) and Tai-Amber Hoo. Tai-Amber was a former member of another girl group called Gyrl before she joined Nobody's Angel. However, the group disbanded after the debut single was released.

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