No Use For A Name Lyrics

Genre: Rock

No Use For A Name Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Night Of The Living Living
2 Any Number Can Play
3 International You Day
4 Not Your Savior
5 This Is A Rebel Song
6 Yours To Destroy
7 Under The Garden
8 The Trumpet Player
9 Sleeping Between Trucks
10 Coming Too Close
11 Alone
12 Angela
13 Dumb Reminders
14 Fields Of Agony
15 Feels Like Home
16 Saddest Song
17 Friends Of The Enemy
18 Sleeping In
19 Take It Home
20 Wood
21 Solitaire
22 Sidewalk
23 Weirdo
24 Looney Toon
25 Three Month Weekend
26 Undefeated
27 Fairytale Of New York
28 Felix
29 Tollbridge
30 Sitting Duck
31 51 Days
32 Let It Slide
33 Noitall
34 Hole
35 Fields Of Athenry
36 Lies Can't Pretend
37 Domino
38 I Detest
39 Another Step
40 Beth
41 Couch Boy
42 Life Size Mirror
43 The Feel Good Song Of The Year
44 Puppet Show
45 Don't Miss The Train
46 Exit
47 Record Thieves
48 Watching
49 Fatal Flu
50 Pride
51 Power Bitch
52 Punk Points
53 Room 19
54 Ontario
55 Enjoy The Silence
56 Tan In A Can
57 Death Doesn't Care
58 Justified Black Eye
59 Pacific Standard Time
60 Growing Down
61 Get Out Of This Town
62 Leave It Behind
63 Six Degrees From Misty
64 The Dregs Of Sobriety
65 Secret
66 The Answer Is Still No
67 Insecurity Alert
68 Redemption Song
69 Kill The Rich
70 Truth Hits Everybody
71 Invincible
72 Soulmate
73 Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me?
74 Turning Japanese
75 On The Outside
76 Let Me Down
77 Straight From The Jacket
78 Internation You Day
79 DMV
80 Martian
81 A Postcard Would Be Nice
82 Nailed Shut
83 Sign The Bill
84 Gene And Paul I Hate You Most Of All And Ace, You're The Ace And Peter You're The Cat
85 Best Regards
86 Pre-medicated Murder
87 Always Carrie
88 Biggest Lie
89 It Won't Happen Again
90 Born Addicted
91 Revenge
92 Solitare
93 Chasing Rainbows
94 I Want To Be Wrong
95 Hail To The King
96 Thorn In My Side

No Use For A Name Bio

No Use for a Name (sometimes abbreviated NUFAN or No Use) is a punk rock band from San Jose, California, United States formed in 1987 by Chris Dodge (guitar), Steve Papoutsis (bass), Rory Koff (drums), and John Meyers (vocals). The band's sound has evolved considerably through its career, taking on a much lighter brand of melodic punk as the years passed.

The original line-up of four added Doug Judd as a second guitarist. The band was first featured on Maximum RocknRoll's 1987 Turn it Around  compilation, with the song "Gang Way." A year later the band's self-titled debut EP was released on Woodpecker Records. Their second EP, Let 'em Out, was released a year later through Slap A Ham Records. Chris Dodge, Doug Judd, and John Meyers left the band after the release of "Let 'em Out". Soon after, Tony Sly entered the band.

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