No One Lyrics

Genre: Rock

No One Lyrics - by Popularity

1 It's Real
2 My Release
3 Again
4 Cut
5 Nothing
6 Mindless
7 Hype
8 Shedding
9 Chemical
10 Down on Me

No One Bio

No One is a four-piece nu metal band from Chicago, Illinois. They released one studio album through Immortal Records in August 2001 to minimal success. No One has performed on Ozzfest and alongside the likes of Slipknot and System of a Down. After lagging commercial success, the group disbanded in 2003. They reformed in 2010 and began performing concerts again.

Vocalist Murk and guitarist B-Larz originally came together in 1994 under the name Black Talon. With the addition of bassist Flare and drummer Billy K, No One was born. They played their first concert on August 5, 2000 at Champ’s. The show occurred between two Chicago dates for Ozzfest, which allowed No One to be exposed to the likes of Disturbed, Soulfly, and The Deadlights. A mere two weeks later, they joined Johnny K to record a 3-track demo.

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