Genre: Pop

NO ANGELS Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Minute By Minute
2 Be My Man (The Plan)
3 Like Ice In The Sunshine
4 Stay
5 Dance-Aholic
6 Atlantis 2002 (with donovan)
7 Now That We Found Love
8 Couldn't Care Less
9 Cry For You
10 Derailed
11 Shut Your Mouth
12 Don't Hesitate
13 Send Me Flowers
14 New That We Found Love
15 Shield Against My Sorrow
16 Thunderstorm
17 Teardrops - Mozart & Friends Clubmix
18 Something About Us
19 Rebel
20 When The Angels Sing
21 Teardrops - Mozart & Friends Housemix
22 2Get Over You
23 Still In Love With You
24 Welcome To The Dance
25 Let's Go to Bed (Extended)
26 Goodbye to Yesterday (Klaas Remix, Long)
27 Anchor Your Love
28 All Cried Out
29 Let's Go to Bed (Antiloop Club Mix)
30 Goodbye to Yesterday (Klaas RMX Long)
31 Oduzimas Mi Dah
32 Down Boy
33 Let's Go to Bed (Antiloop Dub Mix)
34 That's the Reason
35 Autumn Breeze
36 Still In Love
37 Stop
38 No Angel (It's All in Your Mind) (radio version)
39 That’s the Reason
40 Cold As Ice
41 Come Back
42 No Angel (It's All in Your Mind) (video mix)
43 Something About Us (radio mix latin)
44 Let's Go To Bed
45 Atlantis 2002
46 No Angel (It's All In Your Mind)
47 No Angel (It's All in Your Mind) (rock version)
48 Atlantis (radio mix)
49 2 Get Over U
50 I Believe In You
51 There Must Be an Angel (Instrumental)
52 No Angel (It´s All in Your Mind) (radio)
53 Daylight In Your Eyes
54 Lost In You
55 Takes A Woman To Know
56 Make A Change
57 All Cried Out (Big Band Version)
58 Daylight in Your Eyes (radio edit)
59 Faith Can Move A Mountain
60 Lovestory
61 Feel Good Lies
62 Daylight (radio version)
63 No Angel (It's All In Your Mind) [Radio]
64 Go Ahead And Take It
65 There Must Be An Angel
66 One Life
67 Daylight in Your Eyes - Radio Version
68 Secret's Out
69 Promises Can Wait
70 100% Emotional
71 Still In Love With You - Single Version
72 Secrets Out
73 Rivers Of Joy
74 Too Old
75 Let's Go To Bed - Single Mix
76 Teardrops
77 Up Against The Wall
78 One Life - Single Version
79 Teardrops (Mozart & Friends Club Mix)
80 You Could Be The First
81 Push Me To The Limit
82 Young Love
83 Someday
84 Teardrops (Mozart & Friends Psychedelic Mix)
85 What Am I Supposed To Do
86 Say Goodbye
87 Teardrops (Mozart & Friends House Mix)


The No Angels are an all-female pop trio from Germany, consisting of band members Lucy Diakovska, Sandy Mölling, and Jessica Wahls. Critically acclaimed, the band has won dozen of awards and prizes since their establishment in the early 2000s, including three ECHOs, a World Music Awards, a NRJ Music Award, two Comets, a Bambi and a Goldene Kamera.

Originally a quintet, the group originated in 2000 on the international television talent show Popstars and was one of the first television-casted acts to enjoy attention throughout Central Europe in the early 2000s. Following a major success with record-breaking single "Daylight in Your Eyes" and debut album Elle'ments in 2001, a series of hit records established their position as one of the most successful female band vocalists to emerge in the early decade.

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