Nitzer Ebb Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Nitzer Ebb Bio

Nitzer Ebb (pronounced NIGHT-zer or NIH-tzer—the band pronounces it both ways) is a British EBM group formed in 1982 by Essex school friends Vaughan "Bon" Harris (programming, synthesizers, drums, vocals), Douglas McCarthy (vocals), and David Gooday (drums).

The name of the band was chosen for its harsh, supposedly German sound; it does not carry any meaning in either English or German.

Nitzer Ebb began when Bon Harris and David Gooday asked Douglas McCarthy to sing in their band. They shared an interest in witchcraft, talking to trees, and collecting runestones in Chelmsford and Little Baddow. Their inspiration were bands such as DAF, Killing Joke, and Bauhaus.

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