Nikka Costa Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Nikka Costa Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Trick Or Treat
2 Fatherless Child
3 Theme From Ice Castles
4 Push & Pull
5 Ching Ching Ching
6 Can't Please Everybody
7 Like A Feather
8 Candy Man
9 Corners Of My Mind
10 Till I Get to You (Radio Edit)
11 Quédate Papá Quédate
12 Midnight
13 Happy In The Morning
14 Morning Comes
15 Heaven Sinner
16 On & On
17 Time On My Side
18 Push And Pull
19 It's You Dream
20 Just Because
21 Bullets In The Sky
22 The Rules Of The Road
23 Es Tu Sueño
24 Someone Who Needs Me
25 Stuck To You
26 Never Wanna C U Again
27 Maybe
28 Tomorrow
29 Head First
30 Someone To Watch Over Me
31 Tal Vez
32 Stay Daddy Stay
33 Prowhoa
34 Nylons In A Rip
35 Alguien Para Mirar Por Encima De Mí
36 Bubble Full Of Rainbows
37 Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
38 On And On
39 Not The Only One
40 I Believe In Love
41 Chained To The Blues
42 Stuck On You
43 Everybody Loves You When You Are Dead
44 Creo En El Amor
45 You
46 Estafa O Placer
47 Swing It Around
48 Stuff
49 Song For Stadiums
50 On My Own
52 Pebble To A Pearl
53 Fooled Ya Baby
54 Joshua
55 Por Mi Misma
56 So Glad I Have You
57 Medianoche
58 Someone For Everyone
59 I Gotta Know
60 Chase The Thrill
61 Grown Up World
62 First Love
63 Crybaby
64 Hey Love
65 Mundo De Adultos
66 Primer Amor
67 So Have I for You
68 Keep Wanting More
69 Around The World
70 I Believe In Fairy Tales
71 Without You
72 Tug of War
73 Keep Pushin
74 My Boyfriend's Back
75 Everybody Got Their Something
76 Love To Love You Less
77 Can'tneverdidnothin'
78 Tema De Castillos De Hielo
79 Nothing
80 Without Love
81 Go Away Little Boy
82 He's My Clown
83 Hope It Felt Good
84 Damn I Said It First
85 Vete Muchacho
86 Some Kind Of Beautiful
87 Loving You

Nikka Costa Bio

Domenica "Nikka" Costa (born June 4, 1972) is an American singer whose music combines elements of funk, soul, and blues. She also had a career as a child singer starting in the early 1980s. She is the daughter of notable music producer Don Costa and is married to Australian producer/songwriter Justin Stanley.

Nikka Costa was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her father Don Costa was a notable producer and a musician with many connections in the music business. During her childhood Costa was surrounded by famous musicians and traveled around the world with her father.

At age 5 Costa recorded a single with Hawaiian singer Don Ho. Italian producers Danny B. Besquet and Tony Renis were working with her father on the album Don Costa Plays The Beatles when they had a brainstorm to produce an album with Nikka singing while her father played acoustic guitar.

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