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Nightfall is a melodic death/gothic metal band from Greece, formed by vocalist/bassist Efthimis Karadimas in 1991.

Nightfall was formed in 1991 by frontman and bassist Efthimis Karadimas. Within a few months of existence, Karadimas had produced Nightfall’s one-and-only demo tape, Vanity. The 4 track demo was noticed by Holy Records, a new French record label that was looking for an act to use to help introduce itself to the music business worldwide. A deal followed and gave birth to the debut release of Nightfall and Holy records, Parade Into Centuries, in 1992. The release proved a successful pioneering step as time went on for both Nightfall and Holy Records. This paradigm was followed by many in both countries, establishing a tradition for French labels to release Greek metal albums.


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