NEXT Lyrics

Genre: R&B

NEXT Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Next Experience
2 My Place
3 Your Love Is
4 When We Kiss
5 Phone Sex
6 Welcome II Nextasy (Intro)
7 Brand New
8 Do You Think About Me
9 What You Want"(feat. Beanie Sigel
10 That's My Word
11 "Girl, Lady, Woman"
12 It's Okay
13 Whatever You Want
14 All Because of You
15 Cozy
16 Shorty
17 Nobody"(feat. Mysonne
18 I Still Love You (Remix)"(feat. Big Pun
19 Do Your Thing
20 Represent Me
21 Cyber Sex
22 Rock On
23 Sexitude
24 You Are My High
25 Stop, Drop & Roll
26 Hold Me Down
27 Too Close (Remastered)
28 Sex, Money & Drugs
29 Banned From TV
30 I Still Love You
31 The Best Man I Can Be
32 Beauty Queen
33 Shorty"(feat. Vernell Sales
34 Leaving with Me
35 We Can't Be Friends
36 Call On Me
37 Oh No No"(feat. Red Rat & Renee Neufville
38 Wifey - Club Mix/Dirty Version
39 Cybersex
40 Penetration"(feat. Naughty by Nature
41 Too Close
42 Admit The Rat
43 Jerk
44 Represent Me"(feat. Naughty by Nature
45 Too Close - Radio Edit
46 Let's Make A Movie
47 Next Experience"(feat. Adina Howard
48 My Love
49 Wifey
50 Minnesnowta (Interlude)
51 Problems"(feat. Coffee Brown
52 We Can't Be Friends"(feat. Deborah Cox
53 Too Close (Re-Recorded/Remastered)
54 Oh No No
55 Rock On"(feat. Duganz Shalont
56 Sex, Money & Drugs"(feat. Big Pun
57 My Everything
58 Butta Love
59 Penetration
60 Splash
61 Imagine That
62 Butta Love (Radio Edit)
63 Next
64 Wifey (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
65 Problems
66 What You Want
67 I'm Tryin' To What
68 Taste So Good
69 Just Like That
70 ButtaLove
71 Wifey (radio mix)
72 Freak In Me
73 Experience
74 Feels Good
75 Penetration (Featuring Naughty By Nature)
76 Too Close (1998)
77 I Still Love You (Remix)
78 Stop, Drop and Roll
79 Admitt The Rat
80 Lights Out
81 Intro
82 Too Close (Re-Recorded)
83 Nobody


Next is an American R&B musical group, popular during the late 1990s. They are best known for their hit singles "Too Close" and "Wifey". They are also known for their featuring act at Jaheim's "Anything".

Fronted by founding members R.L. Huggar (better known by his stage name RL), and brothers Terry Brown and Raphael Brown, the group was founded together by the Brown family's uncle, who was a local gospel choir director. They began performing under the name "Straight4ward." For a commercial appeal, the name "straight4ward," was changed to "Next" with assistance of producer, Lance "LA" Alexander. The group trained under and was managed for a time by Ann Nesby from the gospel group Sounds of Blackness. Next was introduced in their home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota to producer and DJ artist KayGee from Naughty By Nature. They, subsequently, signed with KayGee's newly formed Divine Mill record label, which at the time was distributed through Arista Records.

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