Following Bat For Lasheslead, and well, a plethora of other artists whom find creative expression in reinterpreting the Rihanna oeuvre for some odd reason, fellow brooding indie songstress Zola Jesus took to putting her spin on “Diamonds” from Rihanna’s just-dropped seventh LP, Unapologetic. It’s not nearly as beautiful as Bat For Lashes’ vice grip on Calvin Harris‘ banging heartbeat on “We Found Love” from 2011’s Talk Talk Talk, isolating the only salvageable bits of the song, that strangled melody, and of course its lyrical counterpart – “we found love in a hopeless place.” But Zola Jesus’ black-fingernail pop touch is still welcoming on a track with the same melodic situation – as she puts her own pulse into the beat and gives it a harrowing pull that sadly Rihanna hasn’t been able to reach yet, turning a line like “shine bright like a diamond” into something dynamically sad. But so goes the circle of over-produced pop. What do you think, do these artists do a better Rihanna than Rihanna? Keeping in mind Rihanna didn’t write the lyrics to either song: