From Zellweger to Cruise, and later from musician to audience: the evolution of the phrase “you had me at hello” unfolded before America’s eyes once the romantic line was spoken in 1996’s Jerry Maguire. Writer and director Cameron Crowe probably had no idea how his iconic line would resonate in the movie, but in popular culture as well, penning one of the most famous lines in film history.

The line happened in the movie’s climax, as Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry, enters Zellweger’s family party to find her and confess his love and sorriness toward her, inspiring a hearty speech before he is ultimately interrupted. It turned out that Zellweger’s character, Dorothy, was merely pleased that Jerry showed up at all. “Shut up,” she says, emotionally, in the clip below. And the rest is history. Below are five songs inspired by this heartbreaking line, each incorporating the words in their own way.

Kenny Chesney – “You Had Me from Hello

The first of two country crooners on the list, we imagine Chesney doesn’t perform this song anymore. It was written for Renée Zellweger, and this song was a reference to her starring role in Jerry Maguire. Their marriage lasted four months.

You had me from hello
One word, that’s all you said
Something in your voice called me, turned my head
Your smile just captured me

 A Day to Remember – “You Had Me At Hello

This time, a punk band takes the reins of the gravitational words and implements them into their music, following the same format as the song above but changing it up a bit. The hardcore rockers put down their distortion-riddled guitars and pick up acoustic ones to tell another confessional love story, using imagery like “you give me butterflies at the mailbox” and “I’m wasting away from you” before eventually telling listeners:

What have I gotten into this time around?
I know that I had sworn I’d never trust
anyone again but I didn’t have to
You had me at hello

In ADTR’s version of this song, the lyricist admits that they were apprehensive to trust this person but their eventual love was inevitable. It’s an adorable handwritten letter of a song.

 Bon Jovi – “You Had Me from Hello

Classic Bon Jovi skin is shed here in one of the band’s later hits. Following in the vein of the other broken-down mixes of songs that use Jerry Maguire‘s famous line, Bon Jovi also performs this song more acoustically, which is unlike their style as musicians. It works for them, though, since no better composition would fit the raw and reminiscent written material they had to work with. This version of the song is more about a woman’s insecurity and how Bon Jovi finds it admirable. The lines read:

The first time I saw you it felt like coming home
If I never told you and just want you to know
you had me from hello

George Strait – “You Had Me From Hello

Though not the original performer of this song, Strait uses the phrase gently. It’s not the King of Country’s most famous song but it’s an overlooked bite of glory. Here, Strait sings atop a pedal string guitar and a piano for a heartfelt and honest ode of appreciation for his woman. He sings with honesty:

You completely stole my heart
And now you won’t let go
I never even had a chance you know
You had me from hello

And this is the way it was done in Strait’s time a decade ago. A straightforward message, an honest dedication and a detailed execution was all it took for a well-rounded song.

Beyoncé – “Hello

Presumably another song about husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé uses the line from the 1996 film with less intellect and honor, but still with dignity and glamour:

You had me at hello
Hello, hello
You had me at hello
Hello, hello

It was many years ago
Baby when you stole my cool
Cause you had me at hello
Hello, hello

And in the true style of Beyoncé, the woman spices up the song with her own flavor and owns whatever she’s singing. It’s intense and dark but also bright and beautiful. Then again, she could sing the phonebook and make us swoon. Look at how she butchered these lyrics and made us rave!

Beyonce – hello from TAE KYOUNG on Vimeo.