John and Yoko play ‘Imagine’ on the official video for the 1971 song; Photo: YouTube


For years, people have blamed Yoko Ono for breaking up The Beatles, citing her and husband John Lennon‘s relationship as the wedge in between him and the other members. And now she’ll be getting a songwriting credit on Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine.”

In the later years of The Beatles’ run, Lennon would often bring Ono into the studio and ask for her creative input, which, as you may know, the other members didn’t like. But Ono denies that she caused the band’s breakup.

“I had nothing to do with breaking up The Beatles,” she told US Weekly. “And I think Paul [McCartney] is a pretty cool dude.”

If in fact it’s true, after all these years, that said tension is palpable between her and the other Beatles members, this new development could cause some feather ruffling.

At the National Music Publishers Association Wednesday, NMPA CEO David Israelite showed a video from 1980 of Lennon stating his then wife should get a co-songwriting credit on the 1971 classic because of “her influence and inspiration“ on the song, reports VarietyThe process is already “under way.”

Let’s hope the one verse from “Imagine” comes alive in this situation and no one gets angered by Ono getting partial credit for Lennon’s hit:

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you

Also at the NMPA ceremony, Ono and son Sean Ono Lennon accepted the Centennial Song award for “Imagine” on the songwriter’s behalf. After Sean pushed his mother’s wheelchair onto the stage to accept the award, Ono, 84, told the audience a little about her flu-like illness before showing her appreciation to the organization.

“This is the best time of my life,” she said.

Sean then said a few words about his dad as well as the importance of music education in schools, closing with some fitting words.

“So let’s not let any generation be denied the opportunity of letting those parts of their imaginations [thrive],” he said.

Watch “Imagine” below.