Virtually every relationship promises a rush of happiness as well as a rut of heartbreak. While the positive moments require no assistance in enjoying, it seems that the melancholy times require a bit of help for gathering your emotions. When love has got you down, there are women who can make you feel better. Trust us, they’re guaranteed to help you out. There’s nothing like a genuine pick-me-up in harsher times, and music might be your best bet in finding the connection to heal your heart.


With four solo studio albums under her belt at this point, it seems like Beyoncé has covered every emotion and circumstance that exists. For heartbreak, you can count on the fact that Beyoncé has been through it herself. She’s a strong and powerful woman who won’t be afraid to weep with you because she knows that it’s okay to be hurt. “Broken Hearted Girl” quite literally speaks of the shock that comes with an ended relationship just like “Best Thing I Never Had” reminds us that we’re better off alone. But let’s not forget about “Irreplaceable,” the greatest reminder that you’re not to be taken for granted.

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. has the ability to school the ones who’ve been hurt and make them understand that they need to pick themselves up again. Her way of feeling for you is not as directly compassionate as it is straight-forward, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. You don’t need a pat on the back so much as a kick in the pants. Maybe what you need is to stop feeling sorry for yourself! The queen of hip-hop soul, with songs like “No More Drama” and “Not Gon’ Cry” teaches you not to pity yourself but to get up and show them what they’re missing.

Kelly Clarkson

This woman has been crowned the Breakup Queen, probably because nearly all of her hits have been centered around love lost. But somehow she’s managed to avoid being redundant every time around. This girl will help any victim channel anger, resentment or bitterness when it comes time to separate from one another. In songs like “Mr. Know It All” and “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” she really breaks down and tells her man how it is, and with “Since U Been Gone” and “Never Again,” Clarkson revels in the beauty of freedom in the wake of something brutal.

Regina Spektor

If “Samson” doesn’t paint a picture with bright colors in your head, then we’ve failed you. Spektor tells an amusing story along dreamy piano lines every time she puts out a record, and her fans really connect with her music and lyrics. Plus, it’s too soon for you to have forgotten about “Fidelity” and its catchy rhythms. Regina Spektor’s bounciness is a guaranteed pick-me-up.

Neko Case

This is the indie girl that’ll provide a good metaphor for what you’re feeling if you’re not ready for some harsh reality. Her stories are inspiring and jarring as they give any type of victim of love something to believe in when they feel like there is no one on their side. “Don’t Forget Me” is humbling and warm, and not just because of the soft touch in Neko’s voice. When you’re feeling low, “The Next Time You Say Forever” and “This Tornado Loves You” might soothe your soul.



We’ve gone over this before. She’s the realest woman in the industry so there’s nothing synthetic in her work. Adele’s work is true and powerful, and it probably makes every one of her ex-lovers regret breaking up with her. Her fans, and surely the millions of people who’ve bought 21 or even 19, have no regrets about her experiences, though. The brilliant work of Adele is priceless and entertaining just as it is vengeful and fiery. “Someone Like You” resounds as one of the greatest and most heart-wrenching love songs of all time, but lesser-known “Turning Tables” and “Right As Rain” tells of love lost and the bounty of loving yourself. She’ll remind you that being alone isn’t so bad, though it might be hard to face.

Whitney Houston

Sometimes it takes a classic to really go the distance. Whitney’s an all-time American superstar and she’s got hits that have helped audiences heal for decades. 1992’s “I Will Always Love You” set the bar for contemporary love songs for many years to come, but many of Houston’s hits to follow that weren’t far behind. “I Have Nothing” is an incredible ode to longing for another, with stress on the importance in the fear of being alone, while “Run To You” places doubt in something lasting, a story we still hear about today.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is her name and wisdom is her game. This piano-R&B songstress puts her experience to good use as her words paint a scene for the music she puts together. The way Keys places emphasis on the delicacy and vulnerability of being in love and what it’s like to be without it. Though she’s an independent soul, her songs are hearty and free. They make the listener feel fresh and full of heart. “Superwoman” speaks of the success in being well put-together in an aftermath just as “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” stays low and tough in a hollow state of being.


You remember the summer of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and the success that came after. Fergie has the attitude in which her music listens to the broken-hearted girl’s story, then wipes her tears and tells her “screw boys.” And because she played the head-over-heels character in a number of her other songs, we know her melancholy jams are sincerely from a shattered place.

Taylor Swift

According to a made-up statistic, Swift is the most commonly played artist in the event of a breakup in the history of music. Her stories are always genuine and exceptionally relatable, especially to a younger generation of lovers and victims. “White Horse” is longing. “Should’ve Said No” is bitter. “Fifteen” is reflective. “You’re Not Sorry” is brutally honest and “Forever And Always” is raw. If she hasn’t covered any of what you’re feeling, just wait for her to break up with her current beau. Chances are, he’ll be the next victim of her songwriting fatalities, fueling her lyrical fire with more vigor once again.