Larry King still drilling-on over the interwebs via Larry King Now, got to chatting with Wiz Khalifa on a plethora of things – fatherhood, marriage, tattoos, bouts with the law, which of King’s ties are older than the 25-year-old – days before the ostentatious hip-hop talent drops his fourth record, O.N.I.F.C. His Snoop-like weed use among them, Khalifa waxed upon his $10,000/month habit, claiming: “It makes me feel like I can get everything done in the right order…If I think I’m doing better, then it’s working on my brain. It actually makes other people think I’m doing good too.”  So there you have it, people – smoking herb has the power to make others appreciate you. And should you fear The Man’s handcuffs, he offers further: “Pay the cost to be the boss.” Ah it must be grand to be invincible. To that we leave you with the kush braggadocio dreams of O.N.I.F.C.‘s opening track:

I’ve got enough weed to rest me the rest of my motherfuckin’ life

Ain’t gonna ever run out