Mariah Carey; Photo: Getty

The trainwreck that is Mariah Carey recently made her way to the Today Show in promotion of her newest album, Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse. It’s been roughly four years since her last full length, and it was no surprise that this one got off to a rocky start. There’s always a hangup, it’s been an active part of Mariah’s M.O. since the beginning. (You know, that cute Shirley Templelike clumsiness).

It started innocently enough with her classic “Always Be My Baby,” but ended with her calling out her own lyrical flub. It was a subtle slip-up – barely noticeable – but it was the way she handled it that made it awkward. At one point changing the lyrics to “Messing up the words to my own song/And I don’t care.”

By zeroing in on something that should have just slid by Mariah showed the world just how hard it is for her to stay in the moment, something that has consistently haunted her in the latter half of her career. The window of fame is small, and it’s closing fast – much in the same way it did for Michael Jordan in those final years, same for Muhammad Ali.

Furthermore, there’s a a lot of delusional elements to the album including a cover that shows a thin, obviously airbrushed Mariah. She’s a bombshell with curves, and there’s no need to hide it. As seen in her interview she’s thick and voluptuous, much more sultry and sexy than the strange alien on her album cover. The connection is that it carries on over to the album. So much thus far has been her riding whatever trend is in vogue to prove she can still hang, and that’s always a slippery slope. One misstep and you’re a punchline. And her blunder on the Today Show proves that she isn’t quite ready yet.

The hope is that it’ll eventually come together like it always has. But in the end, delusional half-assing won’t cut it. She’ll need to regroup and sharpen her live show, as to avoid making a complete mockery of her legendary career.