Perhaps we could forgive “Stephen” on last night’s edition of Wheel of Fortune, should he have had to name the author of the song, “Surf City,” in which he and two other contestants raced against time and a reveal of the classic tasty wave lyric, “surf city, here we come,” as the Beach Boys‘ Brian Wilson co-wrote the song, but Jan & Dean were the ones to record it and take it to the top of the charts in 1963. And there have been more epic fails with even more well-known songs – see: I Have The Wine By Johnny Cash” – but come on, dude, what is the name of the rock you live under? For surf’s up shame on you – “Surf clay were we come.” That’s some cryptic jibber jabber. Jan, Dean, take it: 

Well, I’m going to Surf City
Where it’s two to one
You know I’m gonna Surf City
Gonna have some fun