Jada Pinkett Smith on Live L.A. in the ’90s, with Eazy-E; Photo: Instagram

Jada Pinkett Smith isn’t the type to sit quiet, when she has something on her mind and she’s passionate about it be ready because she’ll give it to you straight. The Lowdown Dirty Shame actress has a fiery personality, and in an old video that has recently surfaced she showed the world just how outspoken she can be.

The video, recorded for ’90s talk show Live L.A., has Jada Pinkett face-to-face with Ruthless Records founder Eazy-E. In a calm and collected manner she explains to Easy that his music degrades women, and that for a man in his position he should be uplifting not only women but his community as well.

“I told him that before I met him today I thought he was a woman hater because of his music,” she said. “Him owning his own record company can make a change within his community, to uplift us.”

The video was filmed after the infamous Los Angeles riots in 1992, which left more than 50 people dead and injured over 2000. Jada implored Eazy to understand that he has the type of influence and clout to make meaningful changes. “When I listen to his music I want to feel good about myself,” she said. “I want to feel good about my people, and I said ‘Eric, you have the power to do that.'”

Eazy was later asked if Jada’s ideas encourages his him to change his lyrics. “Yes, to a certain point,” he said. “I do say nice things.” To which Jada responded, “not to me.”

The video, now over 25 years old still holds a wealth of knowledge. It shows how women shouldn’t be afraid to speak out against misogyny and hate. It also brings up a point about a tired narrative in rap that has been stuck on repeat for decades. Not only was Pinkett-Smith right then, but she’s right now as well. Even her hubby had to tip his cap.

This is the day I met Eazy! We became the best of friends after this program✨

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