Who’s Bad?:

One of three of the reaming Big Six record label behemoths, Sony, was kicked when down back in April of 2011, when a group of hackers compromised the company’s Playstation Network and the personal data of more than 70 million people. During that time, the company revealed to the BBC today that they believe many an unreleased Michael Jackson tune was stolen, of which they paid the late singer’s estate the sum of $250 million for the rights over the course of the next seven years. Of said tunes, the fabled Freddie Mercury duet was among them, including all the sessions from Bad, Off The Wall, Thriller and a swath of other hugely valuable and profitable posthumous art.

White Noise:

In case you missed it, gritty guitar hero Jack White tore the shit out of SNL‘s notorious tinny sound mixing skills, in promotion of his first solo offering, Blunderbuss. Leading with first single “Love Interruption” with a six-strong, all-female backing band in tow, all acoustic, stand-up bass and violin rich, the energy made the studio cut weak in the knees. While the after-break follow-up, “Sixteen Saltines,” saw an all dude backing band unleash the Detroit rock fury Jack we all know, making riff-rock high-art again. Head over to Hulu for the A/V recap.


The hammer is nearing its judgement upon those indicted by the U.S. Federal raid of file-sharing site Megaupload back in January, as prosecutors filed extradition papers in New Zealand late Friday (March 2), reports the AP. Founder Kim Dotcom and three of his partners are facing charges of criminal copyright infringement in the realm of $500 million in lost revenue and money laundering that could see sentences of up to 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, Dotcom has yet to release his “history in the making” album, that he and his production team Beets & Produce VP Joseph “Papo” Besson have promised the world.

Amy Winehouse Scholarship:

As part of its charitable arm, the Amy Winehouse Foundation that Mitch, the fallen singer’s father launched after the 27-year-old’s death in July, announced a scholarship it will provide to London theatre school, Sylvia Young, in hopes of sending a hopeful child whose family can’t afford the tuition. Winehouse herself attended the school at the age of 13, but sadly dropped out following a series of behavioral problems. The school’s founder had a charming quote for Reuters: “It would be wonderful to find another Amy, but there was only one Amy. We would be happy to find a singer, dancer or actor who has a special talent” (via the New York Times).