Photo: Jim MarshallA gem from budding-era Dylan when most of his wry humor got sucked up by the folk movement is heading to an auction in London next month. A submission to an unpublished book of anti-nuclear war songs circa 1963, good friend and owner, Izzy Young, of the storied book and record shop that hosted Dylan’s formative page and crate-digging years – the Folklore Center, in NYC’s West Village – has offered “Go Away You Bomb” to garner enough cash to keep a satellite Center in Stockholm going, Young told the auction house, preceded by the now 85-year-old’s assurance that he has “never sold anything important” to him “until now.”

The director of the auction, Nicolette Tomkinson, is expecting the lyrics to fetch anywhere from $38,000 to $54,000, though wrought with Dylan’s wily punk bluesisms just as he was starting to flex his venomous socio-political muscle, it’s just as easy to call it priceless, as well as understand why Young held on to it for so long:

I hate the letters in yer word –
B that’ means bad
Yer so bad that even a dead hog in the sun would get up an’ run
O that stands for orrible
Yer so orrible that the word drops its first letter and runs
M that stands for morgue an’ all them folks in it ‘re feelin’ lucky
An’ I don’ mind folks feelin’ lucky but I hate that feelin’ of envy
An’ sometimes when I get to thinking’ bout how lucky they are I get envicious of ‘m
An’ that’s a bad lonesome feelin’ too
B – that means bad but that’s the second time so it’s twice as bad

Photo: Christie's