The Triggermen; Photo: Gavin Paul

A trio of “degenerate party-rappers,” raged home-town with an energetic set at some oddity of an apartment complex out East called The Metropolis. Place yourself in the back lot basketball court of a multi faceted, jungle muraled, paint splashed community pool party, two MCs and one DJ mixing a set of jazz, hip-hop and punk with a bit of paraphrasing and a catchy dash of school-yard slam

"Life of a Deadbeat Socialite"

At one crowd joining moment, DJ Yosamite runs wild with a sign while Hysteria 51 – fresh prince who’s met his dark side – energetically emotes an ode to the stoner scrub pay-check-to-pay-check low light lifestyle with “Cashed Out:”

"Cashed Out"

Sampling bits of “Carry On” (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) with turntable tips and scratches, a saxaphone silhouetted in the background, the tune blends classical violins and a circus concerta, just to top it off with a doo-wop acapella ending. A beautiful soprano emerges from Jennesy, who’s more commonly loud with her sassy lash outs and party girl quips.

The energy was on. Jumping, pacing, accidental wrapping of feet to chord. Yosamite once again joins the floor from behind the tables during “Double Drink Fister” to clumsily prop himself on the porch fence and spit his ten cents: [LISTEN]

"Double Drink Fister"

They’re about the normalcy of the everyday los lonely low esteemed everybody within us. It’s a body rockin’ way to uncover the insecurities of the party life, relationships, and white collar work whores, that couldn’t have happened anywhere but a parking lot of a jungle muraled apartment complex called The Metropolis.