Lust-Cats of the Gutter; Photo: Gavin Paul

The glorious part about the ring around Austin that divides the official and the unofficial – that we affectionally refer to as the fringe – as waxed on yesterday, is not having to explain a party at a bikini shop next to a set of railroad tracks showcasing a two-girl scuzz pop shin-kick crew shredding a song called “Revenge Bikini Body” to a crowd decidedly bikini-less. Lyrics came in threes. Notes in two. And perhaps you could call it some sort of shade of riot grrrl, depending on your opinion of bikinis:

"Revenge Bikini Body"

That a band called Free Pizza from Boston followed these grrrls is a perfect story for another chewed up Trapper Keeper time. But for now, let the crunchy thrash of Lust-Cats of the Gutter (Robin Edwards, Alex Edgeworth) occupy your teenage riot muscles and think about nothing else mattering like high school invisible forever and tales about rocket ships, cemetery chases and nothing cool – of course you knew this already – ever happening on dates:

"Nothing Cool (Happens on Dates)"

Of the 20-minute session that ended when Edwards and Edgeworth ran out of songs, modified mashed potato-ing uber hipster punks squeezing grass between their toes learned some Denver-area Raincoatsmeets-Ramones things about stand-up gals, super volcanos and psychic safari cymbal ride freak-outs, because what else does a skinny-jeaned soul need to know at a party in nowheresville Austin that may or may not be pro-bikini?

The answer is nothing. And that’s as beautiful as being able to chuck a DIY cassette tape at the wall and still be able to play the loving hell out of the thing. Which is the same kind of invincible joy a quarter of an hour with some lusty cats from the gutters feels like: