Jonah Tolchin; Photo: Gavin Paul

A well-worn house, last occupancy being a museum of grungy homage to typewriters, now spot-on with the outdoor embrace of a porch rocking, umbrella strewn, yard lounging beer garden. Jonah Tolchin is set up outdoors. He picks away across the tables with his upright bassist, drummer, and guitarist in tow. Happy people are propped towards him, full attention forward. Those walking by stop for a set, rock along to the tune. Onlookers shout out a request “What are you called!”

Jonah is a young, yet full spirited soul charged with electric blues in a John Deer baseball cap. Scott Walker in sheep’s clothing? Eric Clapton meets Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney? Throw in jazz snare, a dash of Americana dark magic, and top it off with a full fringe of gipsy folk: [LISTEN]

"Godforsaken World"

Though his last set of the fringe SXSW small stage experience, the energy is very much on. The expressions of each performer prove the strain and ecstasy of hitting pitch perfect and feeling good. As the quick set ended, distant music comes back to volume. It’s then I came to realize the powerful sound that emerges from these fellahs – just can’t get enough of the fret grinding, glass sliding, smooth scaling music that is the Jonah Tolchin group in this summertime weather. It absorbed the entire atmosphere:

"Pitchfork Torch & Pen"